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Can you name the Employment Income - Canadian ITA?

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Deducted under 8(1)(l.1)
Included under 6(21)
Computation found in 6(2)
In computing standby charge, C represents
Deducted under 8(1)(h.1)
80.5 deems interest benefit to be
Prescribed rate is restricted to this many years
Included under 7(1)
Days in Quarter 3
Included under 5(1)
67.1 Restricts inclusion of Meals and Entertainment to this Percent
Reg. 4301
Cost per km allowed as operating benefit for personal use km
Included under 6(1)(b)
Deducted under 8(1)(f)
Deducted under 8(4)
Included under 6(9)
Deducted under 8(1)(h)
Deducted under 8(1)(b)
Included under 6(1)(c)
Deducted under 8(13)
Included under 6(1)(k)
Included under 6(1)(e)
Included under 6(4)
Deducted under 8(1)(i)

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