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Can you name the missing words or sets of words in these Strong Bad Email Intros?

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1. Some Kind of Robot: Oh, who is the guy that checks all his ______? That's me, Strong Bad.
5. Making out: Checkin' emails is like the ______ thing I do.
9. i love you: I've _________ set aside this time for checking my email.
16. band names: Who's that giving Strong Bad a ______? Email... Email...
20. _____ ________: Hello, everybody! This week it's time for some _____ _______. Ready? Go!
24. the bird: Checkin' my email... Here at the ______... That's pretty cool...
27. 3 Wishes: I got an email. I got an _______ email.
43. little questions: All the _______ want to know, who's checkin' that email? Was it Strong Bad?
48. ghosts: Boy, is it ever ______.
52. island: Strong Bad Emails are a part of this _____ _______.
58. dragon: Here I go once again with the email! Every week I hope that it's from a _____!
61. monster truck: Toons! _____! I'm gonna check my eeeemail....
62. interview: many emails, so little ____ emails.
65. unused emails: Oooh! Check it out! Another one of those... _______!
67. autobiography: This email is brought to you by a grant from The Cheat and the support of ______ ____ ___.
71 2 emails What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get _ _____ __ ____.
73. mascot: Ooh! A little email never hurt nobody. 'Cept for maybe ___ ___.
80. stunt double: Oh, I took the email to the market, and I bought it some kind of ____ _____.
88. couch patch: I'm goin' to try something a little different: print out _____ _____ ___.exe.
94. video games: Email is like a prison. A prison with no walls... and no _____.
100. flashback: ONE TWO THREE FOUR! EMAIL IS AWESOME, EMAIL IS WEIRD, EMAIL IS AWESOME AND EMAIL IS WEIRD! And I'll never forget the way it was, _____!

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