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Does it provoke an attack of opportunity? (D&D 3.5)

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Read a scroll
Mount or dismount a horse
Sheathing a sword
Escaping from a net
Drinking a potion
Open a door
Picking up a weapon from the ground
Standing from prone
Moving into a threatened area
Attack an opponent with a previously cast touch spell
Making a melee attack when a second creature threatens you
Unarmed melee attack
Loading a crossbow
Drawing a sword
Deliver a coup de grace
Turn or rebuke undead
Stabilizing someone
Moving out of a threatened area
Draw a hidden weapon
Loose or ready a shield
Moving from one threatened space to another
Casting a spell normally
Lighting a torch from a tinder twig
Making a ranged attack
Initiating a grapple
Dismiss a spell
Use a touch spell on an ally
A 5-foot step
Dropping an item

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