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Can you name the countries visited by President Lyndon Baines Johnson while in office?

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DateCountryPurpose of Visit
September 16, 1964Ceremonies related to the Columbia River Treaty
April 14-15, 1966Meeting with President Gustavo Dias Ordaz
August 21-22, 1966Laid cornerstone at Roosevelt-Campobello International Park
October 19-20, 1966Meeting with Prime Minister Sir Keith Holyoake
October 20-23, 1966Meeting with Governor General Richard Casey, formerly governor of Bengal
October 24-26, 1966Attended summit of leaders of various East Asian and Oceanic nations
October 26, 1966Visited military personnel at Cam Ranh Bay
October 27-30, 1966Meeting with King Bhumibol Adulyadej
October 30-31, 1966Meeting with Tunku Abdul Rahman
October 31-November 2, 1966Visited the city of Suwon after meeting with President Park Chung-hee
December 3, 1966Inspected construction of Arnistad Dam
April 11-14,.1967Summit meeting with Latin American chiefs of state at Punta del Este
April 14, 1967Refueling stop from previous nation in return to U.S. (Officially recognized as presidential travel)
April 23-26, 1967Attended funeral for Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
DateCountryPurpose of Visit
May 25, 1967Attended Expo 67
October 28, 1967Attended transfer of El Chamizal from U.S. to visited nation
December 21-22, 1967Attended funeral of Prime Minister Harold Holt
December 23, 1967Visited military personnel at Khorat
December 23, 1967Visited military personnel at Cam Ranh Bay
December 23, 1967Meeting with President Ayub Khan
December 23, 1967Meeting with President Giuseppe Saragat
December 23, 1967Audience with Pope Paul VI
July 8, 1968Attended meeting of Presidents of Central American Republics
July 8, 1968Informal visit to Managua
July 8, 1968Meeting with President Jose Joaquin Trejos Fernandez
July 8, 1968Informal visit to San Pedro Sula
July 8, 1968Meeting with President Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro

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