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Christ the Redeemer / Looks at Ipanema Beach / He is very tall.
Landlocked in Africa / But home to a Scottish King? / Confused in Kampala
Those in Regina know / it is the largest nation / With one land border.
An Apennine enclave / Named for a stonemason saint / say Benvenuto!
Come visit Oulu / On the Gulf of Bothnia / (Bring your winter gear)
Find Friendly Islands / Down in Nuku'Alofa / That's its former name
From the Gobi sands / To the harbors of Shenzhen / It's all one time zone
For all thrillseekers / A friendly word of advice / Don't jump Angel Falls!
L'Ouverture's nation / Shaken by a recent quake / Aid for Port-au-Prince
The Great Rift Valley / In this Hashemite Kingdom / Cleaves the central river
Found in Granada / The Alhambra reminds us / Of the Moorish past
Mazar-e-Sharif / Far in the northern reaches / Home of ancient shrines
If Ulawan blows / It's time to catch a fast boat / From Port Moresby
Island of Quemoy / Governed by this republic / China claims it, too
Home of the Maya / Found at Ninety Degrees West / It is hot out there!
Tiptoe through tulips / While visiting Vlissingen / But it's all lowlands
An intricate flag / With guls for carpet-making / Flies in Ashgabat
Gone fishin in lake / But which - Nyasa in south / or great Victoria?
Borders adjusted / Due to Armenian war / Still has Nakhchivan
Want to know what's cool? / Life in gorgeous Anadyr / (Snowshoes suggested)

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