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Can you name all the Path of Exile corrupted side areas?

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Spawn Location(s)Corrupted Zone
The Dried Lake
The Dried Lake
The Lunaris Temple Levels 1 and 2
The Ridge
The Ledge
The Bath House
The Coast, The Submerged Passage
The Den, The Fellshrine Ruins, The Caverns
The Torched Courts
The Ossuary
The Boiling Lake
The Ascent, The Descent
The Crematorium
The Refinery
The Crypt Levels 1 and 2
The Catacombs
The Grand Promenade
The Causeway
The Templar Courts
The Vaal Ruins, The Ancient Pyramid
The Temple of Decay Levels 1 and 2
The Aqueduct
The Foothills
The Lower Prison and The Upper Prison
The Mines Levels 1 and 2, The Crystal Veins
The Old Fields, The Crossroads
Spawn Location(s)Corrupted Zone
The Imperial Gardens
The Lunaris Temple Levels 1 and 2
The Riverways
The Western Forest, The Wetlands
The Warehouse District, The Marketplace, The Battlefront, The Hedge Maze
The Slums
The Karui Fortress
The Control Blocks
The Coast, The Climb, Prisoner's Gate, The Ship Graveyard
The Reliquary
The Library, The Archives
The Solaris Temple Levels 1 and 2
Oriath Square, The Ruined Square, The Canals, The Feeding Trough
The Sceptre of God and The Upper Sceptre of God
The Ossuary
The Ruined Square
The Weaver's Chambers, The Northern Forest, The Dread Thicket
The Chamber of Sins Level 2
The Vastiri Desert
The Cathedral Rooftop
The Docks
The Coast, The Mud Flats, The Flood Depths, The Cavern of Anger
The Mud Flats, The Ship Graveyard
The Chamber of Innocence
The Sewers

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