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How many times was estimated that the scar was put on Daniel Radcliffe's Head?
How many sets were created?
How many pairs of glasses has Daniel Radcliffe gone through?
From wich movies does Daniel Radcliffe have glasses from?
Who produced the last film?
How many languages have the books been translated into?
Which actor said they could portray their character before they even auditioned?
How many makeup artists were used to create the goblins' faces?
What were Sirius Black's tatoos borrowed from?
Who got a fruit bat stuck in part of their costume?
How old was the person who played Moaning Myrtle?
Who was originally not going to accept their role, but was convinced by a family member?
True or False: Harry Potter has been the 2nd most successful movie series in history.
Warwick Davis (Filius Flitwick) also played what in Star Wars?
Who was shot down by J.K.R. for a musical version of Harry Potter?
True or False: The actor who played young Tom Riddle (HBP) was Ralf Finnes' nephew.
Who is JKR's favorite Ginger person?
How many liters of hair dye/tint were used in the HP movies?
Which member of the cast enjoys making children cry?
True or False: Rupert Grint isn't actually afraid of spiders.
About how many kids are in each Hogwarts house?
Which cast member owns llamas, miniature pigs, and cows?
Which crew member does not support the Harry/Ginny relationship?
Where did JKR have the idea for Harry Potter?
What was Daniel Radcliffe doing when he learned he got the part of Harry?
In Dan's opinion, what part of filming was the worst?
How much is the Harry Potter brand worth (an estimation)
Who played Susan Bones in CoS?
What is the main Snowy Owl who played Hedwig called?
When is JKR/Harry Potter's birthday.
HintAnswersExtra Info
How many lockets were made to be destroyed in the films?
How many Ford Anglias were destroyed in the Whomping Willow crash scene?
What other wizard appears as a portrait in Dumbledore's study (besides the headmasters)
When JKR took an online Sorting Hat quiz, where did she end up?
What does Dumbledore mean in Old English?
True or False: Hermione completed her Hogwart's education
What did Gary Oldman give Daniel Radcliffe?
How many girls tried out for the role of Cho Chang?
What does Ron consider one of his greatest achievement?
Who is the only death eater that can produce a patronus?
What did Matt Lewis and Evanna Lynch do while others were filming.
How tall is Hagrid mentioned to be in the movies?
Who are the only people who know how to communicate using patronuses?
How many creatures were created for the films?
How many lines did Viktor Krum have in GoF?
In what scene of GoF were 140 special effects used?
How many girls auditioned to play Luna?
How old should Voldemort be at the end of the 7th book?
What does 'Eresid stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohs' mean?
What is Mormodre translated into?
What was Hermione's last name in the original draft of HP?
Ginny was the first female born to the Weasley's in how many generations?
How many characters are introduced to us throughout the series?
What BBC movie was Daniel Radcliffe in?
Emma Watson is a certified ________________.
What place in line did Matt Lewis hold while auditioning for Neville?
Who plays Bill Weasley in DH pt. 1 and 2?
Why is the DADA job jinxed?
What is Mr. Ollivander's first name?
What is the character's name not mentioned in the books that has two lines in PoA

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