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How many planets are named after a God?
What's the difference between GBR and US mains volts?
Fill in the science word : c_rc__t
Find the odd word: Sodium, Rubidium, Caesium, Magnesium
What country does this sound like? Francium
What is highest in the Reactivity Series?
What is the softest rock?
What is the symbol for Silver?
What sort of hairs in your lungs does cigarette smoke burn?
What is the plural of a vertex?
What drug is also known as opium?
Name the type of drug: d_p_r_ss_nt
Put together the symbols to get a word : Beryllium, Argon
What is the 118th element?
What is the symbol of Tungsten?
Put together the symbols to get a word : Iron, Argon, Sulphur
What is lowest in the Reactivity Series?
What are amps a measure of? C______
How many different states of matter are there?
Name a state of matter.
What do Phloem Tubes carry?
What force anchors us to Earth?
What percent of the air is nitrogen?
What percent of the air is oxygen?
What is the symbol for potassium?
Name a measure of energy in food.
Do you always get out the same amount of energy you put in a machine?
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