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Black Order (Exorcist)Football like Innocence
FindersOn Allen´s First Mision
AkumaFirst Lv.2 Akuma
OtherRussell´s Son
Black Order (General)Only Woman General
AkumaLv.3 Akuma Sent to kill Allen
Noah FamilyBlack Hair Twin
Black Order (Exorcist)Betrayer of his Innocence
Black Order (Exorcist)Eats Alot
Black Order (Exorcist)Innocence Cheaker
Noah FamilyDo you like Sweets?
Black Order (Asian Branch)Most Chinese looking
Black Order (Asian Branch)Head of Asian Branch
AkumaFirst Lv.3 Akuma
Black Order (European Branch)Not Even Human
FindersFirst Finder Allen Meets
Black Order (European Branch)Said Allen and Kyory were Akuma
OtherSaved By Lavi and Allen in a Snowstrom
Noah FamilyJasdero+Devit
AkumaWas Loved by Kyory
Black Order (General)Love to Fight
Black Order (Exorcist)Old Panda
Black Order (Asian Branch)Loves Allen
OtherGirl that Never Became an Exorcist
OtherLala´s only friend
AkumaCross Marians Modified Akuma
OtherSinging Doll
Black Order (European Branch)Cooks for the Order
FindersGoes on first mission with Lavi
Black Order (Asian Branch)Tall guy that likes Lenalee
Noah FamilyStriped by Allen
Black Order (Exorcist)Always Scared
Noah FamilyYoungest looking Noah+Oldest Noah
OtherPolice Man that Allen First meet.
Black Order (European Branch)Overprotective Brother, European Head
Black Order (Exorcist)First to get Crystallized Innocence
AkumaFirst Akuma to be seen
Black Order (Asian Branch)Guardian of Asian Branch
OtherEarls Umbrella
Black Order (European Branch)Get turned into a skull
Black Order (General)Killed by Tyki Mikk
Black Order (Central Branch)Watch over Allen
Black Order (General)Womanizer, Allen´s Master
Black Order (Exorcist)Always Clumsy
Black Order (General)Kanda´s Master
Black Order (Exorcist)Has Very Good Ears
Noah FamilyMakes Akuma
OtherRobot Made by Komui
Black Order (European Branch)Chief of Science Division 1
Black Order (Exorcist)Calls Kanda by First name
Black Order (Exorcist)Last Survivor of Anita´s Crew
Black Order (Exorcist)Moyashi (Bean Sprout)
OtherFake Pirate Kid
OtherCross Marian´s Girlfriend
AkumaJan´s Friend
Noah FamilyBlond Hair Twin+Sewed Mouth
OtherAlways flying around Allen
OtherStayed alive for 1000 years
AkumaLulu´s Servant
AkumaAllen Father
OtherLove Architecture
Black Order (European Branch)Wimpy guy with Glasses
Noah FamilyMimi´s Master
Black Order (Asian Branch)Bak´s Assistant
Black Order (Central Branch)Head of Central
AkumaCross Marians Modified Akuma eaten by Lv.3
Black Order (European Branch)Help´s the Injured
Noah FamilyMana´s Bother
Black Order (European Branch)Jan´s Father
OtherMacho Man like Woman(Anita´s Guard)

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