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What form of magic does what character from Fairy Tail use?

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MagicAnswerHint :)
Requip: The Gunner
Arc of Time
Angel Magic*real name
Fire God Slayer
Great Tree Arc
Precognition & Aera
Maguilty Sense
Ushi no Koku Mairi*Mr. Cursey's Owner
Poison Dragon Slayer*real name
Ice Devil Slayer & Ice-Make Magic
Celestial Spirit Magic (Fairy Tail)
Celestial Spirit Magic (Sabertooth)
Celestial Spirit Magic (Blue Pegasus)*deceased
Seith Magic*Thunder God Tribe
Perfume Magic
Take Over: Animal Soul
Take Over: Machina Soul
Take Over: Beast Soul
Take Over: Satan Soul
Take Over: God Soul & Âge Seal*Alvarez Empire (arc)
Crimson Hair*Raven Tail
Dark Écriture
Stone Eyes & Fairy Magic
MagicAnswerHint :)
Green Magic*Fairy Tail founding member
Heavenly Body Magic
Copy Magic*celestial spirit
Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
Memory-Make Magic*Sabertooth
Spinning Magic*Lamia Scale master
Requip: The Knight
Wave Magic*eyebrows.
Water Magic
Wood-Make Magic
Yakuma Eighteen War Gods Magic*aka Territory (Sabertooth)
Air Magic
Snow Magic
Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
Lightning God Slayer Magic
Transformation (Battle Form) & Aera
Ice Lock
Binding Magic*neko-neko
Illusion Magic, Ankhseram Black Magic & Black Magic
Card Magic (Magic Card)
Bullet Magic, Amaterasu & Demon's Eye*formerly from Fairy Tail (real name)
Pleasure, Soul of the Wicked Meal & R.I.P.*Alveraz Empire (arc)
Phasing Magic
MagicAnswerHint :)
Wind Dragon Slayer Magic
Wind God Slayer Magic
White Dragon Slayer Magic
Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic
High Speed
Plant Magic
Regulus, Ring Magic & Transformation Magic
Solid Script Magic
Dog Whistle Magic*it's not really a dog.......
Command Magic
Smoke Magic
Rainbow Fire Magic*young
Purple Flare Magic
Storm Magic*Eisenwald guy
Black Arts & Ankhseram Black Magic
Dragon Slayer Magic, Universe One & Enchantments*Alveraz Empire (arc) Queen of Dragons
Reflector Magic, Darkness Magic & Personification Magic*real name
Wool Magic*celestial spirit
Earth Magic, Chain Magic & Transformation Magic*celestial spirit
Water Magic (Holder Type)*celestial spirit
Master Archer*celestial spirit
Sand Magic*celestial spirit

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