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DescriptionPasta Name
'Corkscrew' is a common nickname for this twisted pasta
You many also know this pasta as 'Bow tie'
This pasta is said to resemble little ears
Some folks call them 'snail'
Looks like a telephone wire
Resembles a wheel
Large shells, best when stuffed with Ricotta
Looks like a flower or honeycomb
DescriptionPasta Name
The name means 'barley' in Italian, and is shaped like rice
Tubed and curly pasta
Means 'Little Bell' in Italian, and is great in a stew or thick sauce
Tiny hollow pasta pieces that are great in soups like minestrone
Means 'Little Thimbles' in Italian
Have outside ridges on this tubular pasta
This pasta can stand up to baking in the thickest, chunkiest sauces
Stuff and bake this oven-friendly pasta with cheese, herbs, and a thick sauce

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