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Can you name all the death eaters in harry potter?

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killed by molly wealsey
voldemorts favriot servant 
prime minister
he was at the battle of hogwarts 
executioner of buckbeak
first mentioned in the 3rd book 
muggle studies teacher in 7th book
at the dealth of dumbledore 
defence against the dark arts teacher in 7th book
at the dealth of dumbledore 
he attacted Ron, Hermione, Harry at the cafe in Tottenham Court Road
his memory was removed 
he is in the flashback of the slugclub meeting, he is the one reminded to bring in an essay
first mentioned in the 5th book 
he pretends to be somebody else for a whole year
had a elf called winky 
one of draco's cronnies dads
his son is vincent crabbe 
harry potters eniemy
has a son called scorpius 
he was killed by astray killing curse sent from another dealth eater
he was at dumbledore 
one of draco's cronnies dads
his son is gregory goyle 
he the was in the depatment of mystries this persons head kept turining in to a babys head inside a jar
he was put back in azkaban after the war of the department of mystries 
ran of when he felt his mark burn when voldemort returned
he was headmaster of durmstrag 
he is in the flash back of the slugclub metting, he is the one reminded to bring in an essay, he is also a lestrange family member
might be father of rodolphus lestrange 
harrys eniemes father
first seen in the 2nd book 
this person never searched for voldemort at his down fall but claimed to be his most faithfull servant when he returned
he was there when voldemort reteurned  
he betrayed his friends
secret keeper for the potters 
harrys godfathers brother
he origanally stole the lockart horxrux 
married to you know who's favorite dealth eater
bellatrix had no real love for him 
killed by nagini, loved lily evans
potions master at hogwarts school aslo defense against the dark arts and headmaster 
conductor of the knight bus
he was under the imperius curse 
he attacted ron, hermione, harry at the cafe in tottenham court road
his memory was was removed 
meet hermione and ron in diagon ally when hermione had become bellatrix
he was caputured at voldemorts downfall 
he is head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement after Rufus Scrimgeour was killed, he also helped umbridge with Muggle-Born Registration
he did not search for voldemort after his downfall 

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