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Can you name the actual descriptions of car models ?

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Car BrandCar ModelCar Description
HyundaiThe capital of New Mexico
ToyotaA beach town on the New Jersey Shore OR the mystical island in the story of King Arthur
KiaA river in Southwest US or the third largest city in South America
FordThe outside limit of an object, area, or surface
Rolls RoyceAn apparition of a dead person or animal
JeepA Native American tribe mostly settled in Southeastern US
ToyotaA vast, flat, and treeless region in the Arctic where there is permafrost
ChevyWhen the amount of daylight and nighttime are the same
GMCA territory in Canada
HondaA long and eventful journey
Car BrandCar ModelCar Description
DodgeThe one who wages a task against you OR a US space shuttle that exploded after launch in 1986
ChryslerGunfire coming from two or more directions in the same area
VolkswagenAn insect
PorscheA hot-tasting red powder ground from dried chili peppers
FordConcentrated quality; the center of interest or activity
BentleyForming or belonging to a continent
HyundaiThe first book of the Old Testament and Tanach
KiaThe spiritual or inmaterial part of a living being
ChevyAn antelope native to Southern and East Africa
GMCA national park in Maine

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