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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 worst movie adaptations, according to Total Film?

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DirectorMovieOriginal Source
1. Jonathan Frakes (2004)TV Show
2. Pitof (2004)Comic Book
3. John Madden (2001)Novel
4. Kenneth Johnson (1997)Comic Book
5. James Yukich (1994)Computer Game
6. Joel Schumacher (1997)Comic Book
7. Eric Brevig (2011)Cartoon
8. John Hough (1988)Novel
9. Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel (1993)Computer Game
10. Simon Wells (2002)Novel
11. John R. Leonetti (1997)Computer Game
12. Uwe Boll (2008)Computer Game
13. Steven E. de Souza (1994)Computer Game
14. Chris Columbus (1999)Novel
15. Uwe Boll (2003)Computer Game
16. Brian De Palma (1990)Novel
17. Uwe Boll (2005)Computer Game
18. Tim Story (2005)Comic Book
19. Simon West (2001)Computer Game
20. Roland Joffé (1995)Novel
21. Mark Goldblatt (1989)Comic Book
22. Nora Ephron (2005)TV Show
23. John Moore (2008)Computer Game
24. Stephen Frears (2000)Novel
25. Mark Steven Johnson (2007)Comic Book
DirectorMovieOriginal Source
26. Jeremiah S. Chechik (1998)TV Show
27. Lawrence Kasdan (2003)Novel
28. Phillip Noyce (1997)TV Show
29. Paul W.S. Anderson (2002)Computer Game
30. Raja Gosnell (2002)Cartoon
31. David Kellogg (1999)Cartoon
32. Tim Hill (2007)Novelty Record
33. Stephen Hopkins (1998)TV Show
34. Andrew Adamson (2008)Children's Book
35. Sidney J. Furie (1987)Comic Book
36. Willard Huyck (1986)Comic Book
37. Ron Howard (2006)Novel
38. Chris Roberts (1999)Computer Game
39. Andrzej Bartkowiak (2005)Computer Game
40. Robert Schwentke (2009)Novel
41. Bo Welch (2003)Children's Book
42. Kunihiko Yuyama, Michael Haigney (2000)Cartoon
43. Brad Silberling (2009)TV Show
44. Rob Marshall (2005)Novel
45. Jay Chandrasekhar (2005)TV Show
46. Danny Boyle (2000)Novel
47. Jack Clayton (1974)Novel
48. Mark Steven Johnson (2003)Comic Book
49. Joy Batchelor, John Halas (1954)Novel
50. Chris Weitz (2007)Novel

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