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Director (Original)MovieDirector (Remake)
Franklin J. Schaffner (1968)Tim Burton (2001)
John Carpenter (1980)Rupert Wainwright (2005)
Bryan Forbes (1975)Frank Oz (2004)
Alan Parker (1980)Kevin Tancharoen (2009)
Ronald Neame (1972)Wolfgang Peterson (2006)
Frank Oz (2007)Neil LaBute (2010)
George Waggner (1941)Joe Johnston (2010)
Steve Gordon (1981)Jason Winer (2011)
Michael Anderson (1956)Frank Coraci (2004)
Wes Craven (1984)Samuel Bayer (2010)
Wim Wenders (1987)Brad Silberling (1998)
Peter Collinson (1969)F. Gary Gray (2003)
Larry Cohen (1974)Josef Rusnak (2008)
John Carpenter (1978)Rob Zombie (2007)
Gerard Pires (1998)Tim Story
Mike Hodges (1971)Stephen Kay (2000)
Stanley Kramer (1967)Kevin Rodney Sullivan (2005)
Takashi Miike (2003)Eric Valette (2008)
Paul Lynch (1980)Nelson McCormick (2008)
Norman Jewison (1975)John McTiernan (2002)
Sam Peckinpah (1971)Rod Lurie (2011)
Sol Saks (1964-1972) *created byNora Ephron (2005)
Robert Stevenson (1968)Angela Robinson (2005)
Wes Craven (1972)Dennis Iliadis (2009)
Lewis Gilbert (1966)Charles Shyer (2004)
Director (Original)MovieDirector (Remake)
Sean S. Cunningham (1980)Marcus Nispel (2009)
Phil Karlson (1973)Kevin Bray (2004)
George Sluizer (1988)George Sluizer (1993)
Robin Hardy (1973)Neil LaBute (2006)
Ishiro Honda (1954)Roland Emmerich (1998)
George Cukor (1939)Diane English (2008)
Blake Edwards (1963)Shawn Levy (2006)
Robert Wise (1951)Scott Derrickson (2008)
Joe Dante (1978)Alexandre Aja (2010)
Robert Stevenson (1961)Les Mayfield (1997)
Francis Veber (1998)Jay Roach (2010)
Alfred Hitchcock (1960)Gus Van Sant (1998)
Alexander Mackendrick (1955)Joel and Ethan Coen (2004)
Frank Capra (1936)Steven Brill (2002)
Lina Wertmuller (1974)Guy Ritchie (2002)
Bob Clark (1974)Glen Morgan (2006)
Joseph Ruben (1987)Nelson McCormick (2009)
Robert Wise (1963)Jan de Bont (1999)
Desmond Davis (1981)Louis Letterier (2010)
Danny and Oxide Pang (1999)Danny and Oxide Pang (2008)
Takashi Shimizu (2004)Takashi Shimizu (2004)
Fred Walton (1975)Simon West (2006)
Paul Bartel (1975)Paul W.S. Anderson (2008)
Richard Donner (1976)John Moore (2006)
Robert Harmon (1986)Dave Meyers (2007)

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