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Segmental neg inflammation of kidney/heart/liver/young adult Medium Vessel Vasculitis
Mucocutaneous llymph node/ coronary artery inflammation in children/ strawberry tongueMedium Vessel Vasculitis
C-ANCA positive/ Affects older male/ Renal Hematuria/red cell castsSmall Vessel Vasculitis
Autoamputation of digits/superifical nodular phlebitis/raynaud phenomenonMedium Vessel Vasculitis
How many Large Vessel Disorders?
This is the cut-off of oxygen in a infant's limb to determine if a Congenital Heart Defect screen is necessary
Most common CHD
Venous disorder: Homan Sign (pain on dorsiflexion of foot)/Pulmonary embolism/edema/redness/cyanosis
Most common defect in ASD (also isolated)
Venous disorder:Hematemesis/portal hypertension complication, rupture could be fatal
Two Locations of Aortic DissectionRupture out = hemorrhage, chest pain, rupture inward = double barrel aorta, dissection
Triggered in heavy smokers/usually male under 40/ intermittent claudication = gangreneMedium Vessel Vasculitis
Venous disorder: Hemorrhoids in vagina or colon
Aortic arch artery inflammationLarge Vessel Vasculitis//INC ESR
palpating abdominal mass
Abnormal dilation of vessel or heart
Abnormal dilated veins in legs/plexus/esophagus
How many small vessel disorders?
Segmental inflammation/ spares lungsMedium Vessel Vasculitis
P-ANCA/Allergic condition in small-vessel vasculitisSmall Vessel Vasculitis
When systemic venous emboli bypass lung and become systemic arterial emboli
Congenital Obstructions
IN ASD, O2 saturation increases in
Trisomy 21 disorders
Asymptomatic till adulthood/loud S1/fixed S2 Split
You have thrombus or embolism in the wall for what kind of aneurysm
Switching of aorta and PA, Usually some hole like VSD, ASD, PDA otherwise will die
Lack of aorticopulmonary septum formation/most patients have accompanying VSD
Paradoxical Emboli can occur in this CHD/ Systemic venous emboli use defect to bypass lung and become SYSTEMIC ARTERIAL EMBOLI)
Occurs after trauma, congenital, infection, or disease, Saccular or fusiform versions, false aneurysm or dissection mistaken aneurysm
4 Things in TOF
Cyanotic CHD (R to L)
Venous disorder : Leg most common, painful, risk of infection
Fragmented Leukocyte/Small Vessel DisorderSmall Vessel Vasculitis
How many Medium Vessel Disorders?
Under the age of 4/Mucositis/Medium Vessel Vasculitis
CHD that Risk of heart failure, high altitude or premature birth, female
Segemental thrombosing vsculitis/treat with smoking cessationMedium Vessel Vasculitis
Painless purpura/abdominal pain/systemic disorder/IgA immune complex depositionSmall Vessel Vasculitis
Unusual valve in Atrium and Ventricle
Bicuspid aortic valve and association with cystic medial degeneration can lead to?
Absence of tricuspid valve and hypoplastic RV/Require both ASD and VSD for viability
Murmur sound in VSD
Non Cyanotic CHD (L to R)
Corticosteroid treatment for 2 large vessel vasculitis/what are they?Large Vessel Vasculitis//INC ESR
Found in elderly female/jaw claudication/blindness possibleLarge Vessel Vasculitis/INC ESR
Appears in Tertiary Syphillis/Tree-bark appearance
Most common cause of death due to an aneurysmpericardial tamponade most common cuse of death --- sharp pain in the back.
Defect in ASD that is more rare BUT found in conjunction with other cardiac anomalies
Potential Renal Failure/Ischemia Medium Vessel Vasculitis
Muscular or Membranous defect more common in VSD?
Often associated with Trisomy 21/CHD/valve
Temporal Headaches/Can cut opthalamic artery/granulomatous inflammation with CD4 cells/fragmentation of elastic Large Vessel Vasculitis//INC ESR
Wide split S2 sound in CHD
who sux @ hal0000?
A pre-existing weakness in the Media of a vessel caused by HTN can lead to?
Most common vasculitis with unknown cause/CD4 cell inflammationLarge Vessel Vasculitis//INC ESR
Asthma/Sinusitis/Necortizing vasculitis with eosinophiliaSmall Vessel Vasculitis
Triad: Focal ncerotizing vasculitis/necortizing granulomas in lung/necrotizing glomerulonephritisSmall Vessel Vasculitis
Asian Females under 40 affectedLarge Vessel Vasculitis//INC ESR
Most common childhood systemic vasculitis/Small-vessel vasculitisSmall Vessel Vasculitis
Machine gun murmur sounds in CHD
Assoc with Turner syndrome, early and adult forms, weak femoral pulse
Rupture into peritoneal cavity, obstruction, embolism , impingement on structure, cystic medial degeneration

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