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The first expanionist warlord who became known galaxy-widePre-Republic
First famous Hutt warleaderPre-Republic
Species that humans battled over the domination over CoruscantPre-Republic
First Sith'ariPre-Republic
Eary rival of CoruscantOld Republic
Planet dubbed 'Defender of the Core'Old Republic
Location of the last battle concluding the Second Great SchismOld Republic
First Dark Lord of the SithOld Republic
Place of Arca Jeth's deathOld Republic
Proclaimed Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma Lords of the SithOld Republic
Birthplace of Tenebrae Old Republic
Second Sith'ariOld Republic
First apprentice of Darth ZannahRise of the Empire
Construction site of the ExecutorRise of the Empire
Location of the Naval academy where Soontir Fel taughtRise of the Empire
Direct Successor of Emperor PalpatineRebellion
First Warlord to desert the Empire after the battle of EndorRebellion
Traitor in Rogue Squadron after its reformationRebellion
Wedge Antilles' command ship after his promotion to GeneralNew Republic
Only vessel type involved in the taking of Kuat (Galactic Civil War)New Republic
Codenamed Wraith One after its creator left the squadronNew Republic
First Imperial ExecutorNew Republic
Killer of Elegos A'KlaNew Jedi Order
Victim of Wedge Antilles' superior tactics at BorleiasNew Jedi Order
Unbreakable Bothan oathNew Jedi Order
First commander who constantly defeated the Thrawn SimulatorNew Jedi Order
Supreme Commander of the Confederation militaryLegacy
Planned the confrontation of Darth Caedus in front of the senate buildingLegacy
Destroyer of the Muur TalismanLegacy
Birthname of Cade Skywalker's uncleLegacy

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