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Can you name the missing words from these sentences or phrases in which the word 'word' is not missing?

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Words with 'word'Missing1st Letter
'Word ___________ ' is the uttering of the first things that come into your mind, in order (for example 'cat-dog-leash-rope-hangman-game-Sporcle')A
'Shhhh! Don't _______ a word!'B
The number of words appearing in a document is known as the 'word _____'.C
The 'Word of the ____' appears 365 (or 366) times a year, in the NYTimes.com Education section.D
This word, meaning 'barely', is used when a person keeps talking without giving you an opportunity to speak, as in: 'I just can't get a word in _________!'E
In old Western movies, a cowboy who was provoked, offended, or received harsh criticism would often say 'Them's ________ words!' (and fisticuffs might ensue).F
John 1:1 (KJV) begins with: 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with ____, ...'G
The Elton John song title “Sorry Seems to be the ______ Word” refers to how difficult it is, or how reluctant people might be, to apologize in the course of relationships.H
'OK, I'll just have to believe you… I'll take your word for ___!'I
The genre of word games known as 'mixed word' is also often referred to as 'word _______'.J
A '____ word' can be used to encipher or decipher a cryptogram.K
Kids are often in big trouble with their parents if they use a '4-______ word.'L
Parents hoping to hear the word 'please' from kids often coax them: 'Say the ______ word!'M
Many parents give their newborn a 'word _____', such as 'Rose', 'Grace', 'Echo', or 'Glory'.N
This popular word-processing computer software is used by millions of people: 'Microsoft _______ Word'O
A '_____________ word' has mul·ti·ple distinct units or breaks when spoken aloud.P
This type of 'word _____' involves missing words; others may scramble or change certain letters.Q
A '____ word' is the basic form of a word before any affixes (such as prefixes or suffixes) are added.R
A TV commercial often is prefaced with the phrase 'And now, a word from our ________.'S
'______ words were never spoken.' is a cliché used to express that you fully agree with someone.T
The phrases 'I comprehend' or 'I agree' can be succinctly said with the slang phrase 'Word ___.'U
Many Spelling Bee participants use 'word ______________' to get a mental image of the word first.V
Ironically, a warning, or polite advice, is sometimes preceded with the phrase 'A word to the _____ ...'W
A crossword puzzle is often referred to as '__-word' puzzle (although, I suppose in ancient Rome that meant it only had ten words).X
Merriam-Webster's 'Word of the _____' for 2011 was pragmatic -- it was 'pragmatic'.Y
The 'Word ____' is an iPod app which teaches children 100 words through strange and funny animals.Z

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