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Can you name the things that go UP and down?

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Things that go UP & downFull Word
a power an_e_ _a, on a car
ar_h_s, in Roman architecture
a_ _s, during jumping jacks
a bouncing b_ _l
a ba_o_, when it is not being twirled
your b_ _o_ pressure
a boa_, in a canal lock
buc_e_s, in a well
a ca_ _ _n ball
c_ _s, chased by a dog onto a tree
c_i_ shots in golf
mountain _li_ _ers
c_ _ _ _, when determining 'heads or tails'
c_rr_ _c_ values
theater c_r_ains
a d_ _ _h_ _ _ _, during breathing
springboard d_ _ers
d_aw_ _id_es, over a moat
e_e_a_o_s, in tall buildings
_s_a_a_o_s, in some large stores
e_eb_ _ws, during surprise then disappointment
batted e_el_ _h_s
a winking e_eli_
Things that go UP & downFull Word
a ballet dancer's f_e_
f_ _ _ _ _ wheels, at a carnival
a tapping f_ _ge_
US _la_s, at 'reveille' and 'retreat'
_ly balls, in baseball
_oo_ _a_ _ teams, moving on the field
f_unt_in water
g_y_er spew
g_p_ers, poking out of their holes
a student's _ _a_es in school
piano ha_ _ers, striking strings
han_s, in order to be 'called on' in class
a nodding _e_d
he_i_o_ _ers, to and from landing pads
skirt h_m_i_es, in women's fashion
the hil_ _ of San Francisco
a carousel _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ and Jill
ja_ _ha_ _er bits
j_ _ _, while eating
_ _ _ _ _ _oos and bunnies
typewriter k_ _s
a runner's k_ _ _ _
Things that go UP & downFull Word
extension lad_e_s
airplane l_n_i_ _ gear
le_s, of the Rockettes
l_ _es, on a chart or graph
_ _ _ _ _ _ _, in a thermometer
bulletin board no_i_es
nu_ _ers, in many Sesame Street songs
a _ _ge, when scrolling
bicycle p_ _ _ls
p_n_t_ipes, on suits and uniforms
pi_ _ons in an engine
p_um_ lines
p_un_ers, when things are clogged
p_ice_, at the supermarket
your heart _ _ _ _
a tv show's r_tin_s
a _ _ _ _ _ _ coaster, at the amusement park
musical _c_ _es
a s_e_ _w, at a playground
shrugged s_ou_ _ers
downhill s_iers
airplane wing s_oi_ers
st_ir_, in a two-story dwelling
Things that go UP & downFull Word
stee_le_acks, scaling tall structures
pogo _ _ _ _ _ _
the st_ _k market
s_b_ari_es, at sea
the rising & setting _ _ _
s_in_s, played on in some backyards
chattering t_ _ _h
a patient's t_m_e_a_u_e
te_ _is lobs
t_u_bs, determining a gladiator's fate
Ti_ _er, in the Hundred Acre Wood
_oi_ _ _ seats, if men remember
a t_ _th_ _ush, twice-a-day
convertible _o_s, on autos
a tra_p_l_nist, in the gym
u_b_e_ _as, on a stormy day
_en_ti_n blinds
the v_lu_e of your stereo
your wei_h_
_in_o_s, on a car door
wi_g_ on a bird
a _ _-_ _ on a string
z_ _pe_s on a jacket

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