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INT. SMALL BUSINESS HQ - NIGHTTwo-letter Word PairsMeaning (may include words before/after)
FREDDIE THE FIXER: “I saw your 'Help Wanted' ___, ___ the evening paper's classifieds section. When I called, they told me to get over here tonight, stat.”solicitation, within
FIRST DUDE IN CHARGE: “You're the whiz kid I've been hearing about? 'Freddie', ___ ___ 'Freddie the Fixer?'”short for
FREDDIE THE FIXER: “That's me. I understand you've got a major equipment issue, ___ ___ you really needed more problems…. Are you ready for 'the fixer' to get to work?”like
FIRST DUDE IN CHARGE: “I ___, ___ you can start immediately. There are so many things we want to roll out, and these aren't exactly the diversions we had in mind.”Yes, provided that
FREDDIE THE FIXER: “Yes, it does sound like you need a solution, and fast! I think I ___ ___ a position to be of immediate assistance.”can
SECOND DUDE IN CHARGE (hollering from a back room): “Dude! Hurry up, the situation's getting real dire here! ___ ___ the room with all the equipment!”You can find me at
FIRST ENGINEER DUDE (wearily, in back room): “I'm not of much use if the problem persists… I don't know if I have ___ ___ me to perform these tasks otherwise!”possess the ability
SECOND DUDE IN CHARGE: “I should have foreseen this possibility, and the responsibility is mine; if you wish to lay blame, put ___ ___ my shoulders.”place that upon
FIRST DUDE IN CHARGE: “Once I was let ___ ___ the severity of this crisis, I should have reacted immediately; perhaps days ago.”made aware of
SECOND DUDE IN CHARGE (exhorting the crew): “C'mon gang; we've got to dig ___, ___ we're gonna disappoint our users...”maintain this work pace, otherwise
SECOND ENGINEER DUDE (groggily concurring): “Yeah, this fix is critical for us. Is it going to be resolved? Either it ___ , ___ there'll be no more fun and games, and....”will, else
FREDDIE THE FIXER (interrupting): “Hang on!... It's fixed. The machine ___ ___ now…. See? Plenty of mentally stimulating diversions to go around!” “Coffee anyone?”works fine

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