A Really Big Shew: Ed Sullivan Famous Appearances

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Can you name the missing word for these acts & personalities which appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show?

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AppearedMissing (ALPH. order)Word-association Hint
Woody ___Manhattan
Julie ___Poppins
Louis ___Trumpet
Fred ___Hoofer
Lucille ___Redhead
Brigitte __Woman
The __ BoysSurf
The ___Liverpool
Jack ___39
Milton ___Television
Marlon ___Godfather
James ___Funk
Carol ___Comedienne
George ___Cigar
James ___Gangster
Johnny ___Tonight
Johnny ___Folsom
Wilt ___Basketball
Ray ___Genius
Chubby ___Twist
Sonny & __Babe
Petula ___Downtown
Nat King __Unforgettable
Sean ___007
Bill ___Huxtable
Walter ___Anchorman
Bing ___Crooner
Rodney __Respectless
Walt ___Animator
The ___Morrison
Kirk ___Spartacus
Jimmy ___Schnozzola
Duke ___Bandleader
Ella ___Jazz
Errol ___Swashbuckler
AppearedMissing (ALPH. order)Word-association Hint
Aretha ___Queen
Clark ___Frankly...
Judy ___Dorothy
Marvin __Grapevine
Topo ___Mouse
Lilian ___Silent
Jackie ___Kramden
Benny ___Clarinet
Andy ___Mayberry
Lionel ___Vibraphonist
Rita ___Pin-up
Audrey ___Tiffany's
Charlton __Moses
Conrad ___Hotelier
Ben ___Golfer
Buddy ___Crickets
Bob ___USO
Burl ___Folksinger
Tom ___Delilah
Buster ___General
Grace ___Princess
Gladys ___Pips
Burt ___Gantry
Charles __Hunchback
Jack ___Apartment
Jerry ___Telethoner
Rich ___Impressionist
Sophia __Italian
Joe ___Heavyweight
Jayne ___Bombshell
Mickey __Yankee
Marcel ___Mime
Harpo ___Pantomime
Willie ___Centerfielder
The ___Kermit
AppearedMissing (ALPH. order)Word-association Hint
Peter ___Lawrence
Les ___Guitar
Gregory __Atticus
Itzhak ___Violinist
Édith ___Chanteuse
Elvis ___King
Richard __#*%$#@!!
Anthony __Zorba
Ronald ___President
Buddy ___Drummer
Don ___Insults
Joan ___Brash
Jackie ___Baseball
Ginger ___Dancer
Carlos ___Guitarist
Peter ___Clouseau
Ravi ___Sitar
William ___Enterprise
Dinah ___Chevrolet
Frank ___Blue-eyes
Dusty ___Preacher
James ___Harvey
Rolling ___Jagger
The Three __Slapstick
Barbra ___Yentl
The ___Ross
Elizabeth __Cleopatra
The ___Motown
The Four __Bernadette
Dionne ___Alfie
John ___Duke
Orson ___Kane
Señor ___Ventriloquist
Flip ___Geraldine
Stevie ___Superstition

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