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Can you name the numbers from one to a hundred corresponding to each clue?

Quiz Updated Jun 19, 2017

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Roman Numeral LXXIX
On March 24, 19___, Elvis became a U.S. Army Private
An old teenager might still enjoy Kellogg's cereal, 'Product ___'
Practical joke card game '___ Pick Up'
To type '___', press the number keys above and left of 'U' and 'Q' (on a 'QWERTYUIOP' keyboard)
NFL Player Chad Ochocinco's last name was this uniform number
U.S. max. speed limit on highways 1974 to 1986 was ___mph
Jack Benny's never-changing 'age' on stage
First Apollo on the Moon
Popular NY top-40, then talk-radio station '___WABC'; or '___ Sunset Strip' TV show
Cat. 1 hurricanes have sustained winds 'from ___ to 95 mph'
David's 'Shepherd Psalm'
At the age of ___, NASCAR driver Richard Petty won his final championship, in car #____
The Beatles had 'Help!' and received MBEs from the Queen in 19___
Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court
Maris home-run record; Dylan album 'Highway ____ Revisited'
Inches in a yard
70's discotheque 'Studio ___'
Squares which can be occupied on a chessboard
It takes this many to tango
In 1926, standard “wax” phonograph records revolved at ___RPM
Xmas movie 'Miracle on ___th Street'
'Normal' human body temperature: '___.6 Degrees F
Number of thieves encountered by Ali Baba in the 'Arabian Nights' tale
Original Woodstock Festival 19___
A person born on January 3, 2000 would be ___ on January 1, 2054
Washington was inaugurated U.S. President on April 30, 17___
'Phillips ___' gas was tested on Route ___ by a car going ___ mph!
Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in ___ Days”
19___: Sally Ride -- first American woman in space
The UK Prime Minister's office is at ___ Downing Street
King Arthur's Round Table knights
In 19___ Lillehammer, Norway hosted the Winter Olympics
A right angle equals ___ degrees
Days in February, 2012
'Big Brother' was watching you in Orwell's Novel '19___'
Written numerically, U.S. Presidents fly on Air Force ___
Heinz: '___ Varieties'
Chicago's song 'Questions ___ & 68'
The first two repeating digits for '1/3' as a decimal are ___
Maxwell's wife, on 'Get Smart,' was Agent '___'
'Non-stoppage-time' minutes per half of adult soccer matches
It's the third number whose 2nd digit is exactly half of its 1st Digit
Microsoft's 'Windows ___' was released after Windows 3.1; and preceded Windows 98
The Kalashnikov assault rifle 'AK-___' introduced just after WWII
Billiard ball colored mostly black
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The 'Tet Offensive', and the invasion of Czechoslovakia: 19___
In 'The Music Man', ___ trombones led the big parade
Syllables in a haiku
Number of hours in three days
On a calculator, it's (10*8)+2
James Bond is 'Double 0 __'
20 kilograms is just over ____ pounds
Keys on a piano
Normal human cells contain ___ chromosomes
Days in a fortnight
Spots on a pair of dice
Baseball batters faced by a nine-inning perfect-game pitcher
'How come there is no elevator button numbered ___?'
'Lower' or 'Contiguous' U.S. States
Lincoln's 'Four score and seven years...' amounts to this
Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak; Atomic number of Barium
Everyone voted 'aye' or 'nay'. If 8% voted 'aye', then ___% voted 'nay'.
Smith & Wesson '.___Special' revolver
In binary, ___ is the palindrome '1001001'
1901 occurred in the ___th century
“O!” “I knew that was the ___th letter of the English alphabet!”
Sides of a hexagon
The song '___ Tears' was a #1 hit. (Its original title, '69 Tears,' was considered too risqué)
Jesus told Peter to forgive a brother not seven times, but 'until ___ times seven'
George H.W. Bush was U.S. President # ___
'Half-past twelve' on a clock: '12:___'
Rapper '___ Cent' or a U.S. coin denomination
Number of slots on most European roulette wheels (which have no '00')
If you have one U.S. coin of each denomination under a dollar, you have ___ cents.
The Square of 9
Highest single-throw dart score
Kiefer Sutherland's TV show '___' covered an hour in each episode
April 7, 2013 was the ___th day of the year
Digits on most Visa bank cards
Red cards in a deck
John Wayne won an Oscar at age ____ (in his 13th year of AARP eligibility)
The 47th odd number
Gold Rush or S.F. '____ers'
'Diamond' wedding anniversary, US (15 higher than in the UK)
Ordinary freezing point of H2O in Fahrenheit
House-building little pigs
Someone 'taken out' by a 'Hit Man', (or removed from a bar), has been '___ed'
Sugar Ray's album title '14:___' implied that their '15 minutes of fame' had not ended
Baskin-Robbins '____ Flavors'
Four weeks = ____ days
Joseph Heller's Novel 'Catch ___'
This three-digit Number is the sum of the first nine prime numbers
Holes on most golf courses
Minimum age for U.S. President
Area ___ Nevada Airforce test facility
Olympic rings
Pennies in a quarter; the London Orbital Motorway M___

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