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Can you name the notable people of the 17th century, by completing their names? See How to Play notes

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___ I,Tsar of RussiaHouse of Romanov monarch of Russia
___ Bradstreet1st female poet published in the New World
Johann Christoph ___Composer; kin of a genius composer
Francis ___'Novum Organum Scientiarum'
___ PascalDigital calculator
Robert ___'The Sceptical Chymist'
William ___Governor; 'Of Plymouth Plantation'
John ___'The Pilgrim's Progress'
Miguel de ___'Don Quixote'
Samuel de ___Founder, New France & Quebec City
___ I and IIKings of England, Scotland & Ireland
Queen ___Swede who abdicated the throne
___ de BergeracFrench dramatist and duelist
Pierre ___ Fermat'Fermat's Last Theorem'
___ Pierre PérignonChampagne wine innovator
Anthony Van ___'Charles I, King of England at the Hunt', 'Self Portrait'
___ II & III, Holy Roman EmperorsHoly Roman Emperors, 30 Years' War
Galileo ___'The Starry Messenger'
___ FawkesEngland commemorates his 'Gunpowder Plot' failure with November 5 bonfires
___ Purcell'Dido and Aeneas', 'Te Deum and Jubilate'
Henry ___River and Bay explorer, US & Canada
Christiaan ___Pendulum clock; discovered Titan
Sir ___ Newton'Principia'
King ___ IAuthorized famous Bible translation
___ de La Fontaine'Fables choisies, mises en vers'
___ Napier'Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio'
Louis ___French explorer of Mississippi River
Ben ___'Volpone', 'Bartholomew Fair'
Johannes ___Laws of Planetary Motion
John ___'An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' - tabula rasa
___ XIV'The Sun King' of France
Père Jacques ___Jesuit missionary and explorer
William & ___Joint sovereigns; English Bill of Rights
John ___'Paradise Lost'
___'Le Misanthrope', 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme'
Claudio ___'L'Orfeo' 'Vespro della Beata Vergine'
Henry ___Royal Navy Admiral & Caribbean Pirate
___ StandishMayflower / Plymouth Colony leader
___ Cromwell'Lord Protector' after English Civil War
Johann ___'Canon and Gigue in D'
William ___Quaker who planned city of Philadelphia
___ StuyvesantDutch Director-General of New Netherland (later known as 'New York')
___ III & IVKings of Spain & Portugal
___Algonquian girl at Jamestown
Jean ___'Phèdre', 'Andromaque'
___ van Rijn'The Nightwatch', 'Danaë'
___ Descartes'Cogito ergo sum'
Cardinal ___French bishop immortalized in 'The Three Musketeers'
Peter Paul ___'The Three Graces', 'Feast of Venus'
___ Marguerite BourgeoysFounder of the Congrégation De Notre-Dame
René-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La ___Mississippi River explorer
William ___'Othello', ' Macbeth'
Captain John ___Jamestown settler
Baruch ___'Ethics' - rationalism
___Patuxet tribe member who aided the Pilgrims
Maria ___ of SpainFrench queen, mother to 'Le Grand Dauphin'
___ Hobbes'Leviathan' - Social contract theory
Pope ___ VIIIPope offended by a Galileo publication, leading to his Inquisition
Antonie ___ LeeuwenhoekFather of Microbiology
Lope de ___'Fuente Ovejuna', 'El Amor Enamorado'
Diego ___'Las Meninas', 'Retrato de Inocencio X'
Johannes ___'Girl With a Pearl Earring'
Gottfried ___ von Leibniz'Hypothesis Physica Nova'
___ Harvey'On the Motion of the Heart and Blood'

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