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Can you complete this whimsical version of “Old MacDonald's Farm: The Untold Story” by incorporating words which actually contain the letters “e...i...e...i...o” in order? (See How to Play)

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Old MacDonald's Farm: The Untold StoryWord containing “e...i...e...i...o”First letter & definition
Our story begins many years ago. After much _e_i_e_ _ _io_, Younger MacDonald decided to abandon city life, and he acquired property suitable for a working farm.(D) Careful thought, examining pros and cons
Construction was delayed by building-code officials, but a subsequent _ei_ _ _e_ _io_ proved that issues had been resolved.(R) An additional rigorous examination
In spite of some _e_i_e_ _ _ _io_ in the stream bed, it was deep enough for his playful horse to enjoy, and here he did splash about with a 'neigh neigh!' in delight.(S) The depositing of stones and sand over time
Enthused, MacDonald completed his barn, thinking “Now my cow can go 'moo moo' here!” Cold storage facilities were added since its milk required _e_ _i_e_ _ _io_.(R) The process of keeping cold for preservation
The farmer also had a trusty dog. Trained to dig up _e_i_ _e_io_ _ field stones like agate and jasper, he'd offer a 'woof woof' everywhere, signifying his finds to his master.(S) Having commercial value as a gem, but not quite the most
Unfortunately disease got hold of his drift of pigs, and they squealed with an 'oink oink' here, there, and everywhere. An e_i_e_io_ _ _ _ _ _ came to investigate the outbreak.(E) A disease transmission and control specialist
The specialist assured Old MacDonald that it was most unlikely that the swine would develop signs of _ _ _e_ _i_ _e_ _ _ _io_ on their flanks.(H) Overly excessive skin coloration
After much e_ _ _ _i_e_ _ _ _io_, attempting to find ground suitable for digging, MacDonald determined the perfect location for a small artificial pond for his waterfowl.(E) A process of tests or trials
Some ducks quarreled over territory, with a 'quack quack' here and there. But when MacDonald calmed the factions, a _ei_ _e_ _ _ _io_ occurred into the raft.(R) Restoration of separate parts back to a unified state
Though still reliant on old investments, he'd become a _e_i_ _ _ _e_ _io_ _ _ farmer. He sold eggs, but raised some young chicks which strutted with a 'cluck cluck' in their coop.(S) Earning a paid living in an activity, but not full time
Since Old MacDonald had a _ _e_i_e_ _io_ for natural fibers in the garments he preferred during cold winters, he knew he should acquire a flock of sheep for their wool.(P) Preference; a tendency to think favorably of
He had not planned to use the upper pasture, but, after careful _e_ _ _ _i_e_ _ _io_, he decided to allow the sheep to go 'baa baa' there.(R) Renewed contemplation; mulling over again
Eventually MacDonald hired workers to do the shearing, but managed them quite loosely. He recognized that any _e_i_e_ _ _ _io_ would only serve to create tension.(R) Strict discipline and uniformity characteristic of the military
At last came that sad day, when, in spite of mushy feelings of fondness for his animals, Very Old MacDonald overcame such _e_ _i_e_ _ _ _i_ _ _ _o_ and found them new homes.(S) Over-indulgence in tear-jerking feelings and emotions
In anticipation of retirement, he commissioned a painter to create a portrait of his farm in a _e_-i_ _ _e_ _io_ _ _ _ style. Sadly, it could not convey the sounds he cherished.(N) Late 19th century French calculated painting style
To this day, neighbors sometimes hear him late at night repeatedly attempting to mimic the cries of his pets, with a peculiar _ei_e_ _ _io_ sounding somewhat like “E-I-E-I-O!“(R) Repetition of a phrase in order to emphasize it

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