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Can you determine which of the 'recipes' (brain and dish) presented below were prepared by Liv Moore in the TV show iZombie, and which were not? (See How to Play)

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Brain Food & How ServedDid Liv Prepare or Eat That? Y/N
Homeless Person Brain
Scrambled eggs
Artist Brain
Hot Pocket with hot sauce
Stamp Collector Brain
Falafel with peppered tahini sauce
Fraternity Brother Brain
Microwaved nachos
Prom Queen Brain
Cold Mexican hot chocolate shots
Back-up Quarterback Brain
Shrimp Creole
Slacker Lifeguard Brain
Barbecued shish kebob with peppers
Country Singer Waitress Brain
Fried cornmeal nuggets with Sriracha
Degenerate Gambler Brain
Baked clams
Social Media Enthusiast Brain
Cantankerous Old Man Brain
Spaghetti and meatballs
Rocket Scientist Brain
Gruyère cheese fondue
Shop Teacher Vigilante Brain
Hero sandwich with cheese & tomato
Feisty Stripper Brain
Club sandwich with lettuce & tomato
Weasely Disbarred Lawyer Brain
Blueberry pancakes with pepper chunks
Police Chief Brain
Jelly donuts
Hit Man Brain
Wheat crackers with Sriracha
'Zombie High' Actor Brain
Frozen Feast microwave mac & cheese
Brain Food & How ServedDid Liv Prepare or Eat That? Y/N
Gang Member Brain
Rice with Sriracha
Hot Motorcycle Mama Brain
Whiskey-soaked grilled cheese
Veronica Mars' Brain
Easter Egg
Hooker Brain
Spicy chicken Insta-Noodles with hot sauce
Elementary School Principal Brain
'Cheery-Oh's' cereal with skim milk
Racy Novelist Librarian Brain
Stuffed green pepper with capsicum
Radio Host Brain
Mixed green salad
Inept Bank Robber Brain
Potato fritters with onions & hot sauce
Cheerful Coffee Shop Owner Brain
Fake I.D. Forger Brain
Garlic, onion and Sichuan Hot-Pot
Goth Magician Brain
Bacon Goulash (stew)
Musician Brain
Pizza with olives
Pathological Liar Brain
Bacon cheeseburger
Blasphemous Carpenter Brain
Hot tamale with cilantro sour cream
Fashion Obsessed Housewife Brain
Stuffed tomato with tuna
Vietnam War Veteran Brain
Bratwurst and sauerkraut
Mr. Boss's Mother's Brain
Guacamole and corn chips
Clive's Ex-Girlfriend Stalker Brain
Ants on a Log (Peanut butter celery stalk)

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