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Can you name the answers to this 3-letter ladder in which a Dr. Seuss character has a change of mind*?

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A Dr. Seuss character undergoes a change of mind - starting out with one attitude ☢ and ending up with another ❤. Themed Phrases are in "chronological" order, but are NOT necessarily contiguous.
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Hints / ☢ 'Before'..... ❤ 'After'3-letter answerRungs
❁ '___ I am' ❁ 1
Before I got up, in my chair I ___2
'We're ___ Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (abbrev)3
X-Files FBI Special ___ Fox Mulder (abbrev)4
'A long time ___, in a galaxy far, far away…'5
Id's not easy to notice when you're on an ___ trip6
☢ 'I would not eat green ___s and [rung 20]' ☢7
A centimeter-gram-second unit of work8
'To ___ is human'9
Although I play the piano 'by ___', neither of mine touches a key10
☢ 'I would not, could not, in a ___' ☢11
Quoth the raven, '___'12
Udderly bovine beast13
You can say 'You really LIKE me!' or simply, take a ___14
☢ 'I do not like them in a ___' ☢15
❤ 'I will eat them with a ___' ❤ 16
In a state of mental confusion, you'd be unwise to drive through this17
Source of a slice of [rung 20]?18
Prototypically ugly witch19
❤ 'I do so like green [rung 7]s and ___' ❤ 20
❤ 'Thank you! Thank you, [Rung 1] __ ____!' (2 wds) ❤ 21

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