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Can you name the notable people of the 16th century, by completing their names? See How to Play notes

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___ VespucciA continent was named for this explorer
Catherine of ___First of six wives to a King
___Incan Emperor
Vasco Núñez de ___Isthmus of Panama to Pacific Ocean
'___Mary' I of EnglandProtestant persecution and executions
Anne ___Executed second wife of a King
___ GodunovRussian Regent and Tsar
Jacques ___St. Lawrence River explorer; claimed Canada for France
Baldassare ___'Il Cortegiano'
___ Marlowe'Doctor Faustus'
Pope ___ VIIExcommunication of England's King
Nicolaus ___'De revolutionibus orbium coelestium'
Hernán ___Conquest of the Aztec Empire
Vasco ___ GamaPortuguese explorer - India by sea
Catherine ___ MediciQueen consort of France, then regent
Sir Francis ___Globe circumnavigator & fought the Spanish Armada
Albrecht ___'Knight, Death and the Devil', 'Melencolia I'
___ I'The Virgin Queen' of England
___ of RotterdamCalled 'Prince of the Humanists'; wrote 'The Praise of Folly'
___ IKing of France, arts patron, Ottoman ally, Edict of Fontainebleau
El ___'El Expolio', 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz'
Pope ___ XIIIReformed the Julian calendar
___ NanakFounder of Sikh religion
___ VIIIChurch of England's split from Rome
___Native American Iroquois 'Five Nations'
___ BoschPainter of 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'
___ Calvin'Institutio Christianae religionis'
___ Jane GreyThe 9-day Queen
Martin ___'Ninety-Five Theses' precursor to Protestant Reformation
Niccolò ___'The Prince'
Ferdinand ___His expedition completed global circumnavigation after his death
Süleyman 'the ___'Sultan of Ottoman Empire
___'David'; 'The Creation of Adam'
___ IIAztec Ruler
Michel de ___'Les Essais'; 'Que sçay-je?'
___'The Prophecies'
___ NobunagaUnification of Japan
Giovanni Pierluigi da ___'Missa Papae Marcelli '
___ II of SpainRuled an empire, but his Armada lost to the English
Francisco ___Conquest of the Inca Empire
Juan ___ de LeónPuerto Rico, Florida; 'Fountain of Youth'
François ___'La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel'
Sir Walter ___Organized Roanoke & 'El Dorado' expeditions
___Painter of frescoes in The Vatican Palace
Charles V, Holy ___ EmperorHabsburg Monarch; aka Charles I of Spain
___ Thomas More'Utopia'
Mary, Queen of ___aka Mary Stuart
Hernando de ___Explored areas beyond the Mississippi River
Edmund ___'The Faerie Queene'
Ivan IV, 'the ___'Grand Prince of Moscow; Tsar of all Russia
___ Tallis'Gaude gloriosa Dei Mater'
___Painter of 'Assumption of the Virgin'
Leonardo da ___'Mona Lisa'
___ TyndaleEnglish translation of the Bible

From the Vault

First Vowel 'E' Countries

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Any country could be in this quiz, if you don't pay any attention to spelling.
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