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Can you identify and complete these phrases, often used as exclamations, by providing the missing names?*

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Exclamation!Name* / Meaning & Possible Origin
Smart ____!   (A)
Heavens to _____!   (B)
Yes sirree, ___!   (B)
Great ______'s ghost!   (C) - title
Run like the _______!   (D) - surname
Hello, _____!   (D)
Steady, _____!   (E)
_____ has left the building!   (E)
Run, _______, run!   (F)
By ______!   (G)
Say goodnight, ______!   (G)
Hit the road, ____!   (J)
Home, _____!   (J)
Jumpin’ __________!   (J)
Good night, ____-___!   (J)
Heeeere's ______!   (J)
No way, ____!   (J)
Kiss me, ____!   (K)
______ was here!   (K) - surname
Geez ______!   (L)
I'm starvin', ______!   (M)
Be like ____!   (M)
Whoa _____!   (N)
For ____'s sake!   (P)
_____ that!   (R)
Play it (again), ___!   (S)
Great _____!   (S) - either
Don't call me _______!   (S)
Elementary, my dear _____!
(W) - surname
Alas, poor ______, I knew him well!   (Y)

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