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Can you name the Words that: Use the Letters of, OR Rhyme with, OR Relate to the Word/Sporcle Author, 'caramba'?

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Hint (see game notes above)AnswerWhy used in this 'caramba' game
We'll start out with a toughie: One-letter Indefinite Article: _uses letter
Article of clothing: _ _ _uses letters
A single gourd-shaped rattle, filled with seeds or pebbles, and used as a rhythm instrument; usually with another _ _ _ _ _ _.uses letters
A slender African arboreal snake of the genus Dendroaspis, the bite of which is often fatal (most commonly: The Black _ _ _ _ _)rhymes
Beatles Tune: 'Drive my _ _ _'uses letters
NYC Taxi Passenger's Tune?: 'Drive my _ _ _'uses letters
Concert Billing when Benny was too sick to perform with Anni-Frid, Björn, and Agnetha?: '_ _ _'uses letters
'_ _ _ _ _ _ _' was (really!) the name of another Swedish band, sharing the same produceruses all letters (in sequence); rhymes (completely!)
'Para bailar la _ _ _ _ _,' heed the advice of Ritchie Valens; or travel to Veracruz Mexico, where the dance is performed at weddings.rhymes
Or, keep going south, and you can do this in Brazil: _ _ _ _ _rhymes
A Magician performing magic might exclaim '_ _ _ _ _ _dabra'uses letters
In spanish , a small boat (MUCH smaller than the one on caramba's Icon) can sometimes be called this. (Perhaps you can also recline in one, as you might in a '_ _ _ _ _-lounger')uses letters
A decapod crustacean, with eyes on a short stalk, and a small abdomen folded under the thorax. (Hungry for a _ _ _ _-cake now?)uses letters
Bart Simpson, upon learning the title of this game, might have cried out loudly, '_ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _!'Does NOT (only) use letters; somehow related
Similar exclamation of astonishment, dismay or anger, when made by a sheep: '_ _ _!'uses letters
'Bleep A Bleep A Bleep Bleep A' has one too many '_ _ _ _ _'s in its title, to have been a REAL caramba game; but it WOULD have allowed for 'caramba' to be a legitimate answer…Does NOT use letters; but related to the Sporcle Author's Works
One of caramba's two most-played-games must be edited each time an NFL team wins the _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _; OR A European _ _ _ _ _ _ _ changes its name significantly.Does NOT use letters; but related to the Sporcle Author's Works
A 'Sporcle' game entitled: 'The Guy Who Suddenly Darted In Front of My Car While I Was Texting' would be best left uncreated, if the would-be author values his _ _ _ _.Does NOT use letters; but related to the Sporcle Author's LIFE. (see 'source link' above for background of this clue)

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