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Updated Jul 17, 2014

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Hint3-Letter Name
Garfunkel - singer (museum piece)
___, Son of Prince Valiant
Rand - author 'Atlas Shrugged'
Vaughn - CNN news anchor
Chaney - actor
___ of Chios - Greek Philosopher
(charged particle)
Sir ___ McKellen, 'Lord of The Rings...'
Martin; Woods - actresses
___ King Cole - Singer
Stevens - singer (mouse-catcher)
Ripken - baseball
(U.S. state, informally)
Holbrook - actor
('2001' computer)
Solo, 'Star Wars'
Hooks - actress 'SNL'
Bon Jovi - singer
Henley - singer (Quixote's title)
Aykroyd - actor
Maxvill - baseball (Indian stew)
Shannon - singer (computer key)
Gibson - actor
Meninga - rugby (disease)
Fairy Queen ___, 'Romeo and Juliet'
Calloway - singer (taxi)
Anson - baseball (hat)
Holmes - hockey
(luck or chance)
Fisher - cartoonist 'Joe Palooka'
(green eggs and ___)
Dawber - actress
(cooking spray brand)
Sajak - 'Wheel of Fortune'
Dennings - actress
(Krazy ___, comic strip feline)
___ Bailey Hutchison - U.S. Senator
(Mary ____ cosmetics)
Leno - 'The Tonight Show with...'
Briggs, 'Mortal Kombat'
(a Florida airport code)
___ von Sydow - Swedish actor
Dame ___ Whitty - actress
(word indicating permission)
Hint3-Letter Name
Charles - legendary musician
Martinez - MMA fighter
(cool or awesome)
Skelton; Buttons - comedians
Harrison - English actor (Tyrannosaurus)
Luthor, 'Superman' (laws)
Thompson - 'Back to the Future'
Williams - English actress
(___ Sophia Jewelry')
Long; Peeples - actresses
Character, '___'s Island'
Basinger - actress (Kipling Novel, '___')
___ Fong Chun - 'Hawaii Five-0'
(a Chinese language)
___, Frodo's gardener friend 'LOTR'
Mineo - actor (Spanish for NaCl)
Kilmer - actor
Morrison - Irish singer (vehicle)
Diesel - actor
(French for a fermented drink)
Morrow; Tayback - actors
(injured or cheated person)
Flair - wrestler; Ocasek - singer
___ Van Winkle (cut or tear)
Keino - Olympic runner (nap)
Shriner - 'General Hospital'
(family relatives)
Jennings - Jeopardy legend
(Barbie boyfriend, ___ )
Chapin - singer; Heck - director
___ Finch, son of Atticus,
'To Kill A Mockingbird'
Henson - Muppets creator
Tiny ___, 'A Christmas Carol'
Hanks; Cruise - actors
Harré - philosopher
(acronym: CD-___)
Savage - British rower
Scaggs - singer (Dickens' pen name)
Dylan; Marley - singers
Reiner; Lowe - actors
Rogers - cowboy actor
Behar - 'The View' (great delight)
Hint3-Letter Name
Biden - U.S. Vice President
___, bartender 'The Simpsons'
West - actress
___ Dawn Chong - actress
Messner - church builder (___ v. Wade)
Weasley, 'Harry Potter…'
Cartoon '___ & Stimpy'
Franklin - U.S. statesman & inventor
Aunt ___, 'The Andy Griffith Show'
(hive-dwelling insect)
Iacocca - Chrysler chairman
Yashin - Goalkeeper great (Bible bk.)
Oda - Canadian cabinet minister
Arthur; Benaderet - actresses
Bosboom-Lanchava - Chess Master
(drink served hot or iced)
Kennedy - U.S. Senator
Clampett, 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
Bush - Florida Governor
Richard - LPGA golfer
(girl introduced to society)
O'Connor - English TV Host (French indefinite article)
Paul - guitar pioneer
(French definite article)
Cariou - Canadian actor, 'Sweeney Todd…'
Rountree - jazz trumpeter
(a Taiwanese surname)
___-Soo Kwon, 'Lost' (also a Chinese surname)
Sander - Fashion Designer
Grissom, 'CSI…'; ___ Gunderson,
'The Simpsons'
Young - actor (musical engagement)
Trager, 'Sons of Anarchy'
(a nickname for Pooh's bouncy friend?)
O'Neill - U.S. Speaker of the House
___, 'Great Expectations'
(spot on dice, or dominoes)
Warner - Collegiate coach
(short explosive sound)
Ballantine - author (last name of 'The Tell-Tale Heart' author)
Saldana - Actress; Elmo's muppet friend ___, 'Sesame Street'

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