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Forced Order
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Just Around The River Bend
Sister Suffragette
The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down
Trashin’ The Camp
The Bare Necessities
Heffalumps And Woozles
My Own Home
Out There
Some Day My Prince Will Come
Strangers Like Me
Johnnie Fedora And Alice Bluebonnet
Not In Nottingham
Why Should I Worry?
Cruella De Vil
Chim Chim Cher-ee
Lack Of Education
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
Son Of Man
When I See An Elephant Fly
Always Know Where You Are
He Lives In You
The Merrily Song
I’m Wishing
This Is Halloween
Honor To Us All
Everybody Has A Laughing Place
Part Of Your World
My, What A Happy Day
I Love To Laugh
If I Never Knew You
The Second Star To The Right
That's the Life For Me
So This Is Love
Be Prepared
Bella Notte
Little Wooden Head
Rumbly In My Tumbly
The Mob Song
What Made The Red Man Red
Let’s Go Fly A Kite
The Caucus Race
Hi Diddle Dee Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me)
Siamese Cat Song
The Walrus And The Carpenter
What’s This?
When You Wish Upon A Star
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Casey Junior
One Song
I Wan’na Be Like You
The Work Song
The Court Of Miracles
The Age Of Not Believing
Streets Of Gold
Bumble Boogie
Following The Leader
Good Company
Very Good Advice
With A Smile And A Song
The Unbirthday Song
Best Of Friends
Brazzle Dazzle Day
I Just Can’t Wait To Be King
No Way Out
Listen With Your Heart
Let Me Be Good To You
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Mine, Mine, Mine
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
I’ll Make A Man Out Of You
Once Upon A Time In New York City
A Whole New World
I’m Late
Fee Fi Fo Fum
The Gospel Truth
Heaven’s Light/Hellfire
A Girl Worth Fighting For
The Bells Of Notre Dame
Circle Of Life
It's A Small World
I’ve Got No Strings
Little Black Rain Cloud
Look Out For Mr. Stork
Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag)
True To Your Heart
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Look Through My Eyes
Step In Time
My Favorite Dream
One Jump Ahead
Sing, Sweet Nightingale
Human Again
Give A Little Whistle
Friend Like Me
Great Spirits
R-E-S-C-U-E, Rescue Aid Society
Twas Brillig
The Morning Report
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)
Where The Dream Takes You
Portobello Road
Fathoms Below
Steady As The Beating Drum
A British Bank (The Life I Lead)
Les Poissons
The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
Old Father William
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
How D’Ye Do And Shake Hands
Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat
Once Upon A Dream
Peter And The Wolf
Go The Distance
You’ll Be In My Heart
Colors Of The Wind
Winnie The Pooh
Virginia Company
Thomas O’Malley Cat
Kiss The Girl
Up, Down, And Touch The Ground
A Pirate’s Life
He Mala No Lilo
Substitutiary Locomotion
Love Is A Song
Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
God Help The Outcasts
Two Worlds
A Star Is Born
Baby Mine
Aloha O’e
Someone’s Waiting For You
Pink Elephants On Parade
La La Lu
On My Way
Scales And Arpeggios
Little Patch Of Heaven
Little April Shower
That’s What Makes The World Go Round
I’m Still Here
Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too)
We’ll Smoke The Blighter Out
Dalmatian Plantation
Hakuna Matata
Topsy Turvy
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The Phony King Of England
After Today
On The Open Road
Prince Ali
Zero To Hero
Candle On The Water
Jolly Holiday
Goodbye May Seem Forever
Anytime You Need A Friend
Saludos Amigos
All In The Golden Afternoon
Higitus Figitus
Trust In Me
Painting The Roses Red
Your Mother And Mine
The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind
The Beautiful Briny
We Are One
Perfect World
One Last Hope
Arabian Nights
Colonel Hathi’s March
You Belong To My Heart
Perfect Isn’t Easy
Whistle While You Work
He’s A Tramp
Under The Sea
Stay Awake
Be Our Guest
I Wonder
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
My Funny Friend And Me
A Guy Like You
In A World Of My Own
Something There
That’s What Friends Are For
A Spoonful Of Sugar
Yodel Song (The Silly Song)

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