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Can you name the rumors that Michael Scott spreads around the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch?

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Oscar is gay
Eric likes Megan
Stanley is having a midlife crisis
Dwight lost his purple belt after he intentionally injured a 6 year old at his dojo
One of the interns is Monica Lewinsky
Toby paid Michael to hit Meredith with his car
Creed is on drugs
Jim is a J. Crew model
Stanley and his wife were dancing at a 'club for young people'
Kelly is anorexic
Kevin has been stealing girl scout cookies from Toby's daughter
Angela is dating an 81 year-old billionaire Quizno's owner
Stanley is having an affair
There is another person inside Kevin's body, working him with controls
Creed has asthma
Oscar is the voice of the Taco Bell dog
Creed smells like death
Andy likes tea
Ryan attacked a police officer while he was in jail
Andy is gay
Toby is a virgin
Toby is going to die tomorrow
Angela was Miss Teen Scranton
Michael is going to fire Dwight because of downsizing
Michael is a J. Crew model
Angela hunts wild dogs on the weekend
Pam is pregnant
Meredith never had Rabies. It was a plot to get money to bribe her son's principal
Dwight uses store-bought manure
Broccoli Rob died
Kevin can't add 2+2
Erin is a bad worker and will be fired

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