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Can you name the ESPN's Blunders 2012?

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This ESPN executive claimed that a Deadspin writer was in a feud with him over an ex-girlfriend
ESPN did this journalism no-no two times in three weeks
An ESPN anchor was caught on camera asking that he was credited with the first report of breaking news on this social networking site
ESPN eventually admitted that it spent too much time on this quarterback
This ESPN anchor was outraged by an Onion story about him
An ESPN editor made a racial slur about this sensation on the company's website
This ESPN anchor was tricked by two obviously satirical posts
Lynn Hoppes was caught plagiarizing from this site multiple times
This fictional person was hired by ESPN for betting advice
An ESPN anchor wondered if RG3 was this type of 'brother'
2 ESPN reporters, both covering Linsanity, met in this 'town'
ESPN told its reporters/anchors that the more the talked about this quarterback the better
ESPN spent a whole day celebrating this quarterback's birthday

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