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HintCharacterParent or Type of Creature
Died on the boat where Kronos was risen Hephaestus
Introduced in the second bookCyclops
Has ADHD and DyslexiaPoseidon
Tries to summon ghostsHades
Joins the huntersZeus
Head instructor at Camp Half-BloodCentaur
Head of Cabin 5Ares
Assistant counselor for the Athena cabinAthena
Sister of a boy who becomes depressed after her deathHades
HintCharacterParent or Type of Creature
Pretends to be another camper at warAphrodite
Leaves Annabeth his notesAthena
Comes to camp when Quintus comesHellhound
Dreams of finding PanSatyr
The major antagonist of the booksHermes
First person Clarisse showed affection to Hermes
Grover's GirlfriendTree Nymph
Wants to be an architect when he/she grows upAthena
Person Percy once saved Nemesis
Percy's second love interestMortal

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