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Forced Order
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powercodenamereal name
Telepathy, Mind ControlCharles Xavier
Shoots lasers from eyesScott Summers
Can manipulate ice, Turn body into iceBobby Drake
FlightWarren Worthington
Superhuman Strength, Stamina, ClawsHank McCoy
Telekenesis,Telepathy, Access to the Phoenix forceJean Grey
Absorbs other mutant's abilitiesCalvin Rankin
Change appearance at willKevin Sydney
Metal ManipulationLorna Dane
Generates plasma blastsAlexander Summers
Constant reactive evolutionArmando Munoz
Can manipulate energy, Flight Gabriel Summers
Teleportation Kurt Wagner
Healing Factor, Adamantium skeletonJames Howlett
Sonic Scream, FlightSean Cassidy
Weather ManipulationOroro Munroe
Turn body into metalPiotr Rasputin
Superhuman Strength, SpeedJohn Proudstar
PhasingKatherine Pryde
Absorbs powers, memories, and personalities through touchAnna Marie
Metal ManipulationMax Eisenhardt
Telekenesis, Telepathy,Telekinetic weaponsElizabeth Braddock
Converts sound into lightAlison Blaire
Knowledge of anything mechanicalUnknown
Charges objects with explosive kinetic energyRemy Lebeau
Can control explosive plasmoids Jubilation Lee
Can absorb energy and fire it backLucas Bishop
Creates force fields, Flight, Kinetic blastsSamuel Guthrie
Creates weapons from bonesSarah Rushman
Telekinesis, TelepathyNathan Summers
powercodenamereal name
Telepath, Turn body into diamondEmma Frost
Invulnerable, Superhuman strengthCain Marko
ShapeshiftingRaven Darkholme
Superhuman Strength, SpeedJames Proudstar
Superhuman Strength, Speed, Claws and teethVictor Creed
Absorbs solar energy, FlightRoberto Da Costa
Probability manipulationNeena Thurman
Linked to Darkforce Dimension, Requires lightTyrone Johnson
Creates weapons from light, Requires darkTandy Bowen
Creates explosive balls of energy Tabitha Smith
OmnilingualDouglas Ramsey
Healing Factor, Adamantium skeletonLaura Kinney
Telepathy and TelekinesisNate Grey
TeleportationClarise Ferguson
Superhuman SpeedPietro Maximoff
Healing factor, EXTREME 4th wall breakage, chimichangasWade Wilson
Superhuman Strength, Prehensile tongueMortimer Toynbee
Creates duplicatesJamie Madrox
Sonic Scream, FlightTheresa Cassidy
Turns body into dustSooraya Qadir
Six arms, Mystic abilitiesRita Wayward
Shape shift into a wolfRahne Sinclair
Can stop a mutant's abilitiesUnknown
Transfers consciousness to mutants and absorbs their powers, as a result has so many powers some no one knowsEn Sabah Nur
Telekinesis, Mind ControlWanda Maximoff
Fire manipulationJohn Allerdyce
Absorbs other mutant's abilitiesNathaniel Essex
ImmovableFred Dukes
Creates Seismic activityDominikos Petrakis
Illusion casting, Mind ControlJason Wyngarde

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