Lego marvel videogame characters

Can you name the lego marvel videogame characters?

abilitycharacter how unlocked
Super StrengthComplete 'Rock Up At The Lock Up'
NoneIn Construction Zone
ExplosivesComplete 'Tabloid Tidy Up'
NoneComplete 'That Sinking Feeling'
FireComplete 'Rebooted, Resuited'
Smart, ShrinkNear Fisk Tower
Electricity, FireComplete 'Red Head Detention'
FlightNear Avenger's Mansion
NoneDeadpool Quest
Senses, Acrobatic, Dig, SmartComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Flight, ExplosivesIn Yorkville
FlightIn Central park
Senses, Dig, AcrobaticIn East Village
Senses, Dig, AcrobaticComplete all Black Panther Quests
Smart, Acrobatic, StealthComplete 'Exploratory Laboratory'
Claw SwitchesComplete all Blade Quests
Transformation (Hulk)Complete 'Sand Central Station'
Super StrengthComplete 'Put Up Your Dukes'
NoneIn Industrial District
Deflect, Shield Switch, AcrobaticComplete 'Times Square Off'
Deflect, Shield Switch, AcrobaticComplete 'The Brick Apple'
Flight, Fire, SensesComplete all Captain Britain Quests
Senses, Pull, Symbiote Travel In Yorkville
Super StrengthFight Off Sentinel Near X Mansion
Smart, Transformation (Lizard)Complete 'Reptilian Ruckus'
FireComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
FireTaxi Quest
NoneIn Helicarrier
Senses, AcrobaticComplete 'Feeling Frisky'
Claw SwitchesBuy All Deadpool Bricks
FireComplete 'Bifrosty Reception'
ElectricityComplete 'Doom With a View'
Senses, Super Strength, PullComplete 'Times Square Off'
Senses, Super Strength, PullToken in 'Tabloid Tidy Up'
Flight, FireComplete 'Stranger Danger'
NoneComplete 'Doctor in the House'
Super StrengthComplete 'Doom With A View'
FireComplete 'Stranger Danger'
Power CosmicComplete all Drax Quests
Electricity, Flight, FireComplete 'A Shock Withdrawl'
Electricity, Flight, FireTaxi Quest
Claw Switches, AcrobaticIn West Harlem
StealthProfessor X Quest
Ice BeamComplete 'Bifrosty Reception'
Power Cosmic, Mind Control, Telekinesis, FlightComplete 'The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry'
ExplosivesComplete all Gambit Quests
Transformation (Red Hulk)Defeat Red Hulk
NoneDrax Quest
Fire, PullComplete 'Stunt Show Surprise'
FlightComplete 'Doctor in the House'
Super StrengthToken in 'The Thrill of the Chess'
Super StrengthComplete all Groot Quests
NoneDrax Quest
abilitycharacter how unlocked
FireIn Washington Heights
Acrobatic, Explosives, Pull, ArrowComplete 'Exploratory Laboratory'
Claw SwitchesComplete all Heimdall Quests
ElectricityComplete 'Times Square Off'
ExplosivesComplete 'Nuff Said'
Super Strength, Transformation (Bruce Banner)Complete 'Sand Central Station'
Fire, FlightComplete 'Red Head Detention'
NoneIn Washington Heights
Ice BeamComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Stealth, Telekinesis, SensesComplete 'Doctor in the House'
Stealth, Telekinesis, SensesToken in 'Stranger Danger'
AcrobaticBlade Quest
Smart, FlightHeimdall Quest
Smart, Hover, ExplosivesComplete 'Rebooted, Resuited'
Smart, Flight, ExplosivesComplete 'Sand Central Station'
Smart, Flight, ExplosivesComplete 'House Party Protocol'
Smart, Flight, Explosives, FireComplete 'Rebooted, Resuited'
SmartComplete 'Rock Up At The Lock Up'
Smart, Flight, Explosives, FireToken in 'House Party Protocol'
Super Strength, Hover, ExplosivesIn Stark Tower
Explosives, FlightIn Empire State Building
NoneComplete 'Tabloid Tidy Up'
Senses, Deflect, Telekinesis, Hover, Mind ControlComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Super StrengthComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Super StrengthComplete 'Feeling Frisky'
NoneToken in 'Feeling Frisky'
SensesIn Central Park
Super StrengthDefeat Kurse
NoneComplete 'Taking Liberties'
Ice BeamNear Fisk Tower
Telekinesis, Mind ControlComplete 'Taking Liberties'
Super Strength, Transformation (Curt Connors)Complete 'Reptilian Ruckus'
Ice Beam, Mind Control, TelekinesisComplete 'The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry'
Magnetic, HoverComplete 'Magnetic Personality'
Electricity, FireComplete 'Magnetic personality'
Mind Control, TelekinesisComplete 'Bro-tunheim'
Acrobatic, Fire, Telekinesis, Mind ControlComplete 'Rebooted, Resuited'
Acrobatic, Fire, Telekinesis, Mind ControlToken in 'Stunt Show Surprise'
StealthMaria Hill Quest
NoneIn Yorkville
Telekinesis, Mind ControlComplete 'Taking Liberties'
Smart, Fantastic Four Platform, Glide, VentsComplete 'Times Square Off'
Smart, Fantastic Four Platform, Glide, VentsGhost Rider Quest
FireDefeat Sentinel in Columbus Circle
Fire, HoverComplete 'That Sinking Feeling'
NoneToken in 'A Shock Withdrawl'
Flight, FireToken in 'Nuff Said'
Mind Control, Telekinesis, FireComplete 'The Thrill of the Chess'
Acrobatic, Transformation (Security Guard)Complete 'Rapturous Rise'
StealthComplete 'Doctor in the House'
Mind Control, Telekinesis, FireComplete 'Stunt Show Surprise'
Flight, FireIn Yorkville
NoneBlack Panther Quest
abilitycharacter how unlocked
Photography, Transformation (Spider-Man)Complete 'Sand Central Station'
Senses, Deflect, Telekinesis, Hover, Mind ControlComplete 'Put Up Your Dukes'
MagneticComplete 'The Thrill of the Chess'
Super StrengthIn Yorkville
Telekinesis, Mind ControlComplete all Professor X Quests
Acrobatic, Mind Control, Deflect, Telekinesis, Claw SwitchesCaptain Britain Quest
NoneComplete all Punisher Quests
FireComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Super Strength, Transformation (General Ross)Defeat Red Hulk
NoneComplete 'Red Head Detention'
Flight, FireBlack Panther Quest
Super Strength Complete 'Rapturous Rise'
NoneComplete all Rocket Raccoon Quests
NoneIn Central Park
NoneComplete 'Sand Central Station'
Senses, Dig, Claw SwitchesComplete 'Rock Up At The Lock Up'
Sand Pit TravelComplete 'Sand Central Station'
Sand Pit TravelIn Yorkville
Super StrengthIn Scrapyard
NoneIn Helicarrier
FireComplete 'A Shock Withdrawl'
Claw SwitchesIn Industrial District
Flight, Power CosmicSilver Surfer Quest
Senses, Web slinging, Pull, Transformation, AcrobaticComplete 'Sand Central Station'
Senses, Web slinging, Pull, Transformation, AcrobaticGhost Rider Quest
Flight, SensesIn Financial District
ExplosivesIn Dockyard
FlightRocket Raccoon Quest
Webs, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Magnetic, Fire, Transformation (Hulk Lee)Complete every Stan lee in Peril
Hover, Electricity, Fire, Put out FireComplete 'Juggernauts and Crosses'
Senses, Web Slinging, PullIn Empire State Building
Flight, Fire, Stealth, Pull, Smart, Vents, Super StrengthIn Upper East Side
NoneComplete 'Reptilian Ruckus'
NoneComplete 'Exploratory Laboratory'
Claw Switches, DeflectIn The Middle of the Sky
Super StrengthComplete 'Doctor in the House'
Super StrengthToken in 'Reptilian Ruckus'
Electricity, Flight, Super StrengthComplete 'Bifrosty reception'
Electricity, Flight, Super StrengthToken in 'Bro-tunheim'
Acrobatic, SensesComplete all Toad Quests
SmartComplete 'Rebooted, Resuited'
NoneComplete 'The Brick Apple'
Senses, Super Strength, Symbiote Travel, Transformation (Big Venom)Complete 'Exploratory Laboratory'
Senses, Super Strength, Symbiote Travel, Transformation (Venom)Complete 'Exploratory Laboratory'
PullIn Central Park
FlightComplete 'Nuff Said'
Explosives, FlightComplete 'House Party Protocol'
Flight, ExplosivesIn Ant-Man's Lab
Electricity, PullIn Yorkville
Flight, ElectricityIn Baxter Building
Senses, Dig, Acrobatic, Claw SwitchesComplete 'Rock Up At The Lock Up'
Senses, Dig, Acrobatic, Claw SwitchesToken in 'Put Up Your Dukes'
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