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Can you name the batman villains?

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Superhuman intellect and power supplied by super steroids
Corrupt businessman and crime lord with weak mind control abilities supplied by skull-like mask
Commits crimes that correspond to certain dates
Cat burglar with extreme acrobatic ability
Can shape shift due to claylike body
Obsessed with perfection and knowledge
Second best assassin in all DC universe
Pyromaniac with a fireproof suit equipped with a jetpack
Insane former psychiatrist obsessed with the love of her life
Insane psychologist residing in arkham asylum, obsessed with the batman
Extreme intellect with a lust for revenge for Bruce Wayne and the Batman
Insane homicidal crime lord obsessed with his own twisted brand of comedy
Medical condition which gives the appearance of a giant reptile with superhuman strength and increased lung capacity
Petty thief with a weak jetpack
Insane madman with strong mind control abilities, obsessed with hats
Has the body of a giant bat
Brilliant scientist incapable of living in above sub-zero climates with an ice gun
Bird-themed crime boss
Control over plant life, obsessed with getting rid of humans
Head of the League of Assassins, an Eco-terrorist group. Gains youth and strength through the lazarus pit
Criminal mastermind obsessed with puzzles and clues
Psychologist and biochemist dedicated to understanding fear using fear toxin
Zombie-like monster who lives in mystery
Ex-DA with an obsession with fairness and equality
Timid man with schizophrenia whose second personality is projected into a mob boss ventriloquist dummy
Psychotic killer who takes a tally mark on his skin for each person he kills
Insane military genius obsessed with chaos
Acrobat with a special suit which he believes grants nine lives
Insane man with an extreme attention to time
Petty thief turned into a snake-man hybrid after selling his soul
Able to inflict vertigo onto enemies
crooked businessman who pled insane, only to be tortured and abused by the inmates at Arkham, leaving a disfigured insane man
Insane woman obsessed with the Joker, who injected his blood into her veins
Ex-KGB assassin turned to crime
Former history teacher turned criminal, who commits crimes based upon Greek Mythology
Evil counterpart to The Batman on Earth-3
Triple-jointed Contortionist with minor hypnotic abilities
Can communicate with rats
Criminal partner to Duela Dent, obsessed with riddles
Commits crimes in the Wonderland Gang with look-a-like cousin
Commits crimes in the Wonderland Gang with look-a-like cousin
Martial Artist who trains to calm the monster inside of him
Woman obsessed with becoming the greatest martial artist in the world
Immune to the effects of fire
Mad man who kidnaps people and brutally transforming them into minions he calls 'Dollotrons'
Mad scientist who is obsessed with the human body, and creates horrific scientific experiments using an arsenal of humans he uses as 'spare parts'
Bizarro-world version of Batman
Brilliant corrupt criminal who gives other villains information for $1000 a question
Swordsman who speaks in Shakespearean english
Commits crimes with condiments. Sometimes able to inflict anaphylactic shock
Ex-painter only able to see in blinding colors, which drives him crazy
man with cybernetic limbs with which he can manipulate
A ghost obsessed with crime
Petty thief attracted to shiny things
Eccentric villain who joins the Wonderland Gang
Turns polka dots into weapons
Insane ex-cop turned crazy by the Joker
Crime boss who operates on the Gotham waterfront
One of the warring crime lords in gotham
One of the warring crime lords in gotham

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