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American's believed it was G-d's will for westward expansion
The term was coined in 1839 by John O Sulivian, however it can be argued that the belief existed earlier. 
The strip of land that was found in California which prompted westward expansion
Inspired by the gold and silver rush in 1849 that prompted economic opportunity
What was built in order to save two days on the journey from the North to San Francisco that went through Nicaragua
Individuals took a boat from NY to Nicaragua, then took a train across Nicrargoa, and another boat to San Fransisco, where the gold rush was. 
Who started the Nicaragua Rail Road?
The cost for the journey was $400. 
Rebellion of the Anglos against the Mexican Government
Occured from 1835-1836 
Land holder that was in charge of settling Mexican land
His father, Moses, was the first empresario. This individual wanted non-violent resolutions between Anglos and the Mexican Government
developer and leader of the Texas Army that was trying to secede from Mexico
Eleventh time president of Mexico and head of the Mexican Army
Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett died at this battle
occured in 1836, 187 American men were wiped out by the Mexican Army 
The battle in which Santa Anna was captured, which lead to the treaty of Velasco
Occured in 1836. 
treaty that ended the Mexican-American war in 1848
Once Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, fell in 1847, the Mexican government was forced to surrender and negotiate a peace treaty with America. 
Under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,Mexico had to sell, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Navada, Wyoming, Colorado and parts of Texas for $15 million.
Initially, President Polk offered $30 million for a fewer amount of land that was owned by Mexico. 
This act was signed by President Andrew Jackson, which authorized the removal of Native American tribes west of the Mississippi River
Just as the American system was expanding, Jackson thought this was his final option in order to attain valuable land 
Where were the Native American tribes placed as a result of the Indian Removal Act?
These areas were invaluable since they had no irrigation, terrible weather and very little fertile land. 
Who was the Cherokee leader who took non-violent measures in order to protect his tribe from the Indian Removal Act
This individual specifically went to Washington in order to seek protection from the Supreme Court, he met with Jackson and petitioned for his tribe 
The president who effectively expanded the U.S. because of his belief in Manifest Destiny
Sulivian's thesis in which America was the most exceptional nation in the world, because the democracy that was able to be mantained
Sulivian believed that America had the right to expand its democracy in order to englighten and establish equality among other nations 
Mexico was too preoccupied with internal conflicts and disputes of their own, once they wanted to regain power over Texas, the Anglos weren't used to their control. This was a term
Mexico gained it's independence from Spain in 1821 
An issue that was a cause of the Texas Revolution that the Anglos wanted to have because their economy depended on it, while the Mexicans thought that all rights of individuals sho
What river did the Texans believe was the border of Texas?
President Polk provoked the Mexicans by sending in armed forces over to the Rio Grande border, which instigated the Mexican- American War 
What did the Mexican government believe the border of Texas was?
The river just about 100 miles north of the Rio Grande 
Andrew Jackson's Vice President who continued his native american policies when he became President in 1836
What year was Texas annexed?
This policy, which was introduced in 1823, through President Monroe's speech to Congress, which stated that further efforts of European nations to colonize the US would require the
It can be argued that this lead to the belief of Manifest Destiny 
Give 3 examples of regional hostilities that were prompted by America's territorial expansion

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