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Major FunctionsVitamin
Intracellular negative ion Bones and teeth
Blood glucose regulation Insulin function
Bones, muscles, and nerve health Stored in bones Most abundant mineral in body
Energy metabolism (coenzyme)
Hemoglobin Energy metabolism Brain function
Red blood cell formation (coenzyme)
Fat and CHO metabolism (coenzyme)
Collagen syn. Antioxidant Iron absorption
Protein & amino acid metabolism (coenzyme)
Antioxidant enzymes
Calcium absorption Bone health
Energy metabolism (coenzyme)
Major FunctionsVitamin
Bone formation Enzymes
Strengthens tooth enamel Prevent tooth decay
Fe metabolism Hemoglobin synthesis
Red blood cell formation (coenzyme)
Carbohydrate metabolism (coenzyme)
Fat and CHO metabolism (coenzyme)
200 enzymes Growth/sexual development Wound healing
Thyroid hormone component
Fat-soluble Antioxidant vitamin
Vision Eye and skin health
Blood clotting Bone health (coenzyme)

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