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Forced Order
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NCIS is in the city of
Where a fearless leader named
Leads his team of
The Senior Field Agent,
is funny and constantly refers instances in his life to
The Junior Field Agent,
is called
by Tony and called
by Gibbs. The Mossad Assassin/Ninja
is from the country of
She replaced
After Ziva's Half Brother
killed her on a
Ari was killed by
in Gibbs' house in the
The forensic specialist
likes the color
and listens to
and wears her hair in
and is
The medical examiner
is from the country of
and wears this distinct type of neckwear
and often communicates with his 'patients' by
to them. The current Director of NCIS is
and is married to a woman named
and has
children. The former director,
was killed in a diner shootout in the state of
Gibbs' former boss,
lives in the country of
and has two females living with him named
in a little shack on a beach in
Ziva replaced
who had worked for
until she
for dating
Gibbs' rule number twelve is
Ducky's assistant is
Gibbs had a love interest in season
with a
from the
And her name was
the one strange thing about her was
because Gibbs likes
Gibbs never told her about his first
and only
His wifes name was
and his daughter's name was
The name of the tele-communtications room is
which stands for
you need to have your
scanned to get inside. The laser is the color
This is the wonderful, unpredictable, and downright amazing world of

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