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WW I & the 14 Points
Mexican War general
Father of Constitution; War of 1812
Nicknamed “Silent Cal”
Grandfather was also president; Battle of Wounded Knee
2 non-consecutive terms
Atomic bomb; Start of Korean War
1st to be impeached
Cherokee Trail of Tears; Battle of New Orleans; Nicknamed “Old Hickory”
Dred Scott Case; John Brown raids Harpers ferry
Assassinated by Charles Giteau
Election of 1876/Compromise of 1877
Supreme Court Justice; Heaviest president
Oldest President; Supply Side Economics
Monroe Doctrine
First to resign; Watergate
Tippecanoe & Tyler too!/1st to die in office; shortest term
1st President; Revolutionary War general
Vietnam War; Great Society
Cuban Missile Crisis; Bay of Pigs Invasion
Declaration of Independence; Louisiana Purchase
Kansas-Nebraska Act/Bleeding Kansas
President during Mexican War
End of Korean War; D-Day commander; “I like Ike”
2 non-consecutive terms
Roughriders; Trustbuster/Panama Canal
Spanish-American War; Red Carnation
9/11; 2nd president whose father was also president; War on Terrorism
Father was also President
Civil War general
Camp David/Iranian Hostage Crisis; Pardoned Vietnam War draft dodgers
New Deal; Great Depression; Attack on Pearl Harbor; WW II
2nd President Impeached
1st vice president to replace deceased president
National Healthcare
Not elected to national office; Pardoned Nixon
XYZ Affair; 1st president to live in the White House
Gulf War
Civil Service Act
Compromise of 1850
Teapot Dome Scandal
Civil War; Gettysburg Address; Tallest president; Shot by John Wilkes Booth
“O.K.” – “Old Kinderhook”
Stock Market Crash; Start of Great Depression

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