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Brooke Shield's alter-egofictional character
teacher, suffragist1820-1906
Canadian rhythmic gymnast 1972-
'My Name is Bill Wilson' author1943-
American astronaut, 5 space flights1958-
poet & greeting card writer1944-
Teri Hatcher's alter-egofictional character
'Seinfeld' characterfictional character
Invisible Girl/Womanfictional character
Founding member of and singer for The Human League1963-
'Stumblin In' singer, Leather Tuscadero1950-
'Friends' character'fictional character
'Cannonball Run II', 'Baywatch' actress1950-
dyslexic English actress, 'The Pallisers'1937-
Laurie Partridge, Grace Van Owen1952-
Maggie Coldwell 'Casualty' BBC actress1965-
Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery1946-
'I Want To Live' actress1917-1975
Gail Ramsey aka Gail Rae Carlson's alter-ego on 'General Hospital'fictional character
'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' characterfictional character
'McMillan and Wife', 'Kate and Allie' actress1946-
Hungarian-American Chess Grandmaster1969-
Doctor Who's granddaughterfictional character
'I Dreamed A Dream' singer1961-
inspiration for Foundation to find breast cancer cure1943-1980
English long-distance runner1960-
'Chronicles of Narnia' characterfictional character
Cindy Brady1961-
'The Dark Tower' characterfictional character
American author, director, playwright1933-
'Lorenzo's Oil', 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' actress1946-
American author, 'Compromising Positions''Close Relations'

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