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In the mid 1990s, PH focus changed to ______________________
This grade from USPSTF indicates there is a high certainty of net benefit
___________ Preventative services target populations
The main source of national health data using in person interviews
Health disparities adversely affect __________
This has responsible for 25 of the 30 years in increased life expectancy
PH activities and services are tracked by this
_____________ collects state-level risk factor data through telephone surveys
_________ Preventive services are preventative measures of provider to individual
In the mid 1990s, PH focus was ______________________
____________ is the most common risk factor
____________ Amendment created the federal income tax
__________ allows states to limit power of individuals in order to control hazards
______________ based interventions is the heart and soul of public health
_______________ is the risk factor that is most easiest to modify
______ law is created by expers, professionals, and bureaucrats
This is the most common form of local government

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