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Can you name the Missing Word in the following Mark Twain Quotes?

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The secret to getting ahead, is getting _______.fffffff fffffff
______ ain't just a river in Egypt. fffffff fffffff
Don't let your schooling interfere with your _________.fffffff fffffff
A person who won't ____ has no advantage over someone who can't ____.fffffff fffffff
I can live for two months on a good __________.fffffff fffffff
It's not the ____ of the dog in the fight, it's the ____ of the fight in the dog. fffffff fffffff
_____ is mankind's greatest blessing.fffffff fffffff
All ______________ are false, including this one.fffffff fffffff
____ is a good walk spoiled.fffffff fffffff
Be careful of reading health books. You may die of a ________.fffffff fffffff
Clothes make the man. _____ people have little to no influence in society.fffffff fffffff
Get your facts first, then you can _______ them as you please.fffffff fffffff
The first of _____, is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.fffffff fffffff
If you tell the _____, you don't have to remember anything.fffffff fffffff
Go to Heaven for the climate, and hell for the _______.fffffff fffffff
Kindness is the ________ that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.fffffff fffffff
Suppose you're an idiot, and suppose you're a member of ________, but I repeat myselffffffff fffffff
Never put off until tomorrow, that which you can do the day _____ tomorrow.fffffff fffffff
Buy ____, they're not making it anymore.fffffff fffffff
Reports of my _____ have been greatly exaggerated. fffffff fffffff

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