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Can you fill in the following 'connected' compound words?

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Voucher, due to bad weather ?
Security, normally at a border. Or a unit of progress within a video game ?
A movie about bank robbing surfers (1991, Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze)?
To finish gambling with the same amount of money you started with?
Stable and consistent, particularly in demeanor
To fall over while fainting or dying
Meat cooked too throughly
If you want something like this, you should do it yourself
Visitors on the scoreboard
A person who puts the group first
Whomever grabs the first controller
The result of a green mushroom
Bruno Mars' type of funk
Local governments meet here
Greeting card company
To lower, as in a price
Heading in the wrong direction
Where Usain Bolt would compete
On top of spaghetti all covered in sauce...
A formal dancing style
Offering of a Hilton receptionist
The leading speaker at a conference
The can be college ruled or wide ruled
Event selling scholastic material
Evenly matched bout
The first rule is you don't talk about it...
A building where Rory McIlroy would get ready to play
When a doctor or other profession comes to your home
Executable code that is passed as a parameter to other code. Or a number given when leaving a message.
Something that is checked about many job applicants
Earth shattering or new
Show about making meth in the desert
Nickname of the Bears in the 80's
A printed source of current events
An early console game, or the first jobs of many kids (of the past)
N'sync, backstreet boys, one direction, e.g.
A circular park structure designed for musical performances
A list of potential fliers
A remnant of an earlier time
To have went amiss, end badly
A warning in many racing games when offtrack
A place where only truckers exit
It keeps time at Grand Central
A ______ Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess)
From 9 to 5 every M-F, for most people
_______ savings time.
Alcoholic beverage with less calories
Alternative to a can
Problem caused by merging traffic
A piece of mens formal attire
Deadhead's shirt style
To go extinct
'Juuuussst a bit _______' (Major League, 1989)
Where Batman makes Robin sit
Rose Royce song
Cloth used in the shower
Anne or Andy (e.g.)
A term of endearment expressed towards a pretty girl
A manner in which you do NOT want to fall
Caught unprepared
Child's competition
Seabiscuit or Affirmed (e.g.)
Used to steer a steed (attached to a bridle)

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