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Can you name the NBA players with the top 100 scoring seasons since 2000?

Quiz Updated Jun 25, 2015

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Los Angeles Lakers2,832
Oklahoma City Thunder2,593
Cleveland Cavaliers2,478
Oklahoma City Thunder2,472
Los Angeles Lakers2,461
Los Angeles Lakers2,430
Orlando Magic2,407
Miami Heat2,386
Detroit Pistons2,380
Philadelphia Sixers2,377
Washington Wizards2,346
Los Angeles Lakers2,323
Cleveland Cavaliers2,304
Philadelphia Sixers2,302
Oklahoma City Thunder2,280
Philadelphia Sixers2,262
Cleveland Cavaliers2,258
Cleveland Cavaliers2,250
Houston Rockets2,217
Philadelphia Sixers2,207
Los Angeles Lakers2,201
Cleveland Cavaliers2,175
Denver Nuggets2,164
Oklahoma City Thunder2,161
Dallas Mavericks2,151
Boston Celtics2,144
Los Angeles Lakers2,133
Cleveland Cavaliers2,132
Los Angeles Lakers2,125
Denver Nuggets2,122
Boston Celtics2,116
New York Knicks2,112
Miami Heat2,111
Washington Wizards2,105
Dallas Mavericks2,094
San Antonio Spurs2,089
Miami Heat 2,089
Phoenix Suns2,080
Los Angeles Lakers2,078
Boston Celtics2,071
Toronto Raptors2,070
New Jersey Nets2,070
Orlando Magic2,065
Boston Celtics2,048
Miami Heat2,045
Golden State Warriors2,044
Miami Heat2,040
Washington Wizards2,038
Miami Heat2,036
Dallas Mavericks2,032
Milwaukee Bucks2,028
Dallas Mavericks2,027
Chicago Bulls2,026
Houston Rockets2,023
Los Angeles Lakers2,019
Dallas Mavericks2,011
Minnesota Timberwolves2,010
Houston Rockets2,003
Phoenix Suns1,989
Minnesota Timberwolves1,987
Denver Nuggets1,978
New York Knicks1,971
Denver Nuggets/New York Knicks1,970
Los Angeles Lakers1,970
Sacramento Kings1,964
Seattle Supersonics1,955
Los Angeles Clippers1,953
Orlando Magic1,948
Denver Nuggets1,943
Miami Heat1,941
Los Angeles Lakers1,938
Los Angeles Clippers1,930
Golden State Warriors1,929
New York Knicks1,920
Dallas Mavericks1,916
New Jersey Nets1,911
Oklahoma City Thunder1,903
Golden State Warriors1,900
Sacramento Kings1,898
Phoenix Suns1,896
Boston Celtics1,892
New Jersey Nets/Toronto Raptors1,886
Oklahoma City Thunder1,886
San Antonio Spurs1,884
Minnesota Timberwolves1,883
Philadelphia Sixers1,883
Denver Nuggets1,881
Utah Jazz1,878
Orlando Magic1,878
Houston Rockets1,876
Golden State Warriors1,873
Oklahoma City Thunder1,871
Seattle Supersonics1,867
New Jersey Nets1,857
Miami Heat1,854
Houston Rockets1,851
Oklahoma City Thunder1,850
Los Angeles Clippers1,845
New York Knicks1,845
Los Angeles Lakers1,841

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