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QUIZ: Can you name the NBA Players' Made-Up Basketball Shoes?

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These shoes are made of cartilage and extend all the way up to knee-height. The shoe's signature logo is a bowling ball.
Just like this player is covered with tattoos, these shoes are covered with flywire and have a set of eagle's wings extending from each side of each shoe.
These shoes are really hard to put on because they automatically flop, so when your skin touches these shoes, they turn sideways. This shoe's logo is a fish tangled up in a net.
Once upon a time two 24-inch long subs were made with holes in them...
These shoes are made from really rare materials, including a lion's mare, so that they can easily be traded. (Hint: lion's MARE)
These shoes have a picture of a tongue licking the state of Indiana to represent this player's hometown.
Next in his line of signature shoes are a pair of sneakers which have the slogan 'Flop So Hard' written on them.These shoes were a helpful assist from this player's twin brother.
These shoes' blue and orange unicorn design fully embodies the phrase 'not nice'.
These shoes are made of a glove which got reshaped into a sneaker.
This pair of sneakers are made of a piece of leopard skin pants and a piece of a trash bag to represent the player's crazy outfits.Nestled between the shoelaces are a pair of fake glasses so that this player can create a trend of wearing two pairs of fake glasses instead of one.
The best part about these shoes is that they grow with your beard.They are all the reason why it was such a shame to see this player's team reach .500 and get rid of their beautiful beards.
These shoes don't belong to an NBA player, but the sneakers have a mind of their own, as they whistle whenever they want.They seem like the reason why this person gets criticized so often.
These shoes are highly endothermic, as they take in a lot of heat from your feet (Their temparature has been compared to ice).These shoes were especially handcrafted with one of this player's four scoring titles.
These shoes have built-in voice activated speakers which, when playing jukebox, can take you back to the past.
These New Balance kicks are very colorful to represent this player's colorful personality and contain springs to represent this player's beastly dunking ability.
Made of smelly, disgusting trash straight from the dumpster, these shoes have been spray painted green to represent this player's NBA team.Even these shoes got washed for 24 straight hours, they would still smell terrible because the player who owns these shoes is never going to quit being one of the dirtiest NBA players ever.
Once you wear these shoes, there are live worms which constantly move around and keep your feet very snug.The shoes also are pierced by earrings to look more like the player they are modeled after.
When I went to buy these shoes, the salesman rejected me by saying 'No, no, no! Not today!'
These shoes came from the heavens are plastered with a picture of God.The reason these shoes are heavenly is because Larry Bird thought this player was disguised as God in the 1986 NBA playoffs.
This shoe is the player morphed into a shoe to represent his huge shoe collection.These shoes are colored Pistons red and blue because of the Pistons jersey the player was wearing when he became his shoe.
These shoes are worn on the chest, not on your feet, and have spikes facing outwards to help this player chest-bump refs.
This player was so overpaid by the Orlando Magic that he decided to re-create Geico's 'Money Man', only as a pair of shoes.
Now, Geico also needs to create a penny man, as these shoes are modeled after him.
When this player received his gigantic shoes, he said 'Wow, that's a lot more than I expected.'
Named the 'The Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, Robinzine-Crying, Teeth-Shaking, Glass-Breaking, Rump Roasting, Bun-Toasting, Wham-Bam-I-Am Jam' in honor of this player's famous dunk.
These shoes are made of syringes and scalpels because of the Doctor who needs to operate in them (on the court).
These shoes are two huge 'No' buttons with holes in them. 'No, I will not allow Chris Paul to go to the Lakers.''No, I will not allow there to be an expansion team in Seattle.' When in doubt, this person hits up his shoes for his decision.

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