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IndiceMot Vocab
Partie de l'ONU qui address la santé
human well-being
sanitation (adj)
an essential care
a health service
prevention of diseases
Health Canada
Documen qui rend un resident admissible aux services
The ministry of heath and of social services (QC)
The ministry of health and long term care
A centre of community health (a CSC)
Medical insurance
A system of social security
a medical expenditure
a supplemental (ie. complementary) disease insurance
a live expectancy
the junkfood
the smoking
to promote
the aging of the population
the PCR test (the test of amplification of nucleic acid)
medical care (les s___ m______)
emergency care (les s_____ d'_______)
home care services (les s_____ de s___ à ______)
IndiceMot Vocab
a family health care provider (un f________ de s____ de s____ f_____)
entitled (adj)
the social security
to break the record
a financial gulf
to fill
«to procure for oneself»
as regards
the cellar
to be in question
a turnaround
should this happen (the applicable case)
to go without
the manna
to control the costs
to make full use of
to spare somebody something (f____ à qqn ____ de)
to not have any follow up
a major deficiency
the obsession
the grip of bureaucracy
a public health problem
Aboriginal populations
on an internation ascale
IndiceMot Vocab
a molecular test
a diagnosis
a multi-resistant form
infectious diseases
this disease's particularity
within (in the fold of)
a latent form
the prevalence
remote areas or zones
to have access to
expensive (also trying)
epidemiological researcher
the epidemiology and biostatistics department
to detect genetic material
to denounce
lack of methodological rigor
to establish the effect of
to contitute a barrier (or break)
to have concerns or reservations with
to recognise the validity (soundness) of
to have proven to be deadly

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