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Can you name the foods that have the letter Q somwhere in them?

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A small game bird, now domestically raised, usually weighing 6 oz. or less.
Another name for jerky, a meat that has been salted, pressed, and dried.
A cream soup made of shellfish.
An alternative spelling for cooking with dry heat created by hot coals.
A tex-mex food item made with a tortilla, cheese, and pico de gallo.
Young domestically raised pigeons.
Food that has been pureed or bound with a thick sauce, made into small shapes, breaded and fried.
A savory tart or pie consisting of a custard baked in a pastry shell.
A type of French cheese, also the name of the mouse from Aristocats.
A traditional French wedding cake, made from layers of small cream puffs.
A small, long oval pastry mold, or an item baked in such a mold.
A French dish of chicken braised in wine.
Dumpling made of meat puree, usually molded with two spoons into and egg shape.
A tiny, ivory, round grain native to the South America Andes.
A cereal released by Quaker Oats Company in 1965
A pear shaped fruit, which has a bright golden-yellow color when ripe.
A thick sauce produced by a reduction of vinegar or wine, sugar, and usually fruit.
A bread leavened by chemical leaveners or steam rather than yeast.
A type of soft cheese, somewhere between the textures of cottage cheese and ricotta.
A type of clam, or where the Griffin family lives
A typical dipping sauce for tortilla chips.
Member of the melon family, containing gourds and pumpkin.

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