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QUIZ: Can you name the memories from the Ebor days??

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Forced Order
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Address of our second year house
Jack's favourite cereal
The mysterious non-food item we found in Jon's cupboard
Type of porn that Ollie watches
Best person to ask for a Kit-Kat
'Object of Interest' that stayed in Iain's room till the last day
Jonny's favourite fish
Our favourite board-game
Fancy dress theme at Alton Towers
What Tomo hoped someone would call us at Alton Towers
Ben lost his V Plates to...
Ollie's room in Grant House
Jack's room in Grant House (Think a Queens of the Stone Age song)
Who is Ekans?
Which country did Iain have in the World Cup room-draw idea?
Who did Ollie have, beaten by Iain's team?
Second year Xmas meal: Who wore the Union Jack hat?
It's not 'Blundell Day', it's:
Who did Darryl get freaky with on Darryl Day in second year?
Name something on Ollie's 'not good at' list
Name a Snowriders Centurion theme
Name either of Ben's IKEA horses
Who was the Mexican at Ben's 21st?
Who had 'I Killed Your Lord' written on his Carnage t-shirt?
Name the song: 'We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind'
Xmas meal, 4th year: Jonny got on all-fours to film what?
Our drinking game is named after what spirit? Correct spelling!
What spirit did we use for said game at Jon's Australia Day?
Who has the longest foreskin of the house?
And the shortest?
Who did Iain's 'Any Dream Will Do' contestant really look like?
Who has AIDS and can't get rid of it?
Which impractical snack was bought for our first house party and put in Iain's room, causing a mess?
The 'Cross Keys' pub (think Alton Towers) is in which county?
'Build a bonfire': Who is on the top?
And who is in the middle?
'**** off Oxley' became what alternate phrase?
How many pounds did Ben get fined for speeding en route to Hanne's 21st? Just the number, no symbols.
Complete the following phrase from a text sent from Ben's phone: 'CAN I BORROW A...'
Whilst Ben watched Sharpe, this Japanese craze swept the other members of the house (maybe not Ollie)
This housemate likes cheese
This housemate likes changing his FM team daily
This housemate likes emo and geeky stuff
This housemate likes the talent in Zulfi's
This housemate likes guitars, trilbies and cod
This housemate likes changing his Facebook password, and then tells Jon what it is straight after
This housemate likes talking like an obscure Dutchman
What was the name given to the mysterious doorbell device from second year?
What was the nickname given to Ollie far too late into our time together?
Who misses the Ebor Gents lots and lots?

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